For a person who loves makeup, I have yet to master putting on false lashes. I have naturally curly eyelashes, so it has always been a problem for me. During prom in high school, I remember getting my makeup done at Ulta Beauty and the strip eyelashes coming off while I was at prom. I was so embarrassed and upset because my eyelashes couldn’t hold the strip lash together.

Since then, I’ve barely worn strip eyelashes. I have seen some makeup artists do a great job of putting their strip lashes on correctly, but I just haven’t figured out how. Before COVID-19 started, I went and had someone put on those individual eyelashes that you can wear, and these would stay on for a little over two weeks. But during quarantine, I had to let my real eyelashes shine because I could no longer get them done. 

When things slowly started opening back up, I was excited to get these beautiful individual eyelashes put on again. But I realized that they had gotten super expensive, so I decided financially that I couldn’t afford to get them done anymore. Around the same time, I was getting my hair braided from a close friend of mine while we were Facetiming her cousin. Her cousin was telling us all about magnetic lashes and how she found some on Amazon. She showed us how she put them on and how the lashes actually attached to the eyeliner she put on with a magnetic design. I was sold. So I went to Amazon and purchased these magnetic eyelashes from a company called Hizek for only $10.99.


false lashes



I wanted to know more about the hack for putting on false lashes and how it would help me. I started searching on YouTube for tips on how people applied their magnetic eyelashes. I watched hours worth of videos about some of the hacks to get it right and how it is easier than putting on glue.

When I got the magnetic eyelashes, I saw that each box came with eyeliner, five rows of different sizes of lashes, and eyelash applicator. I am not a big fan of eyeliner, so this part was a challenge for me. I struggled with putting the eyeliner on for about 10 minutes. It was a super mess and made my eyes look very dark. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to do the magnetic lashes, but after a bunch of trial and error, I finally got it together.



I was super impressed how it blended in with my lashes naturally. I wanted to wear the magnetic lashes for my dad’s birthday dinner, but when I was getting ready for dinner, the eyeliner cramped up with my natural lashes. This made it hard to put the magnetic lash on. I was struggling for about 20 minutes just on the eyeliner alone. I realized in the moment that I had to put my eyeliner on before putting on my face makeup and contacts. It was a smoother transition that way, and was much less time consuming. The false lashes finally turned out great, and I was ready for dinner.

I was scrolling through YouTube last week when I discovered KISS’ new product: Falsacra. I started doing some research on YouTube and Instagram about these individual lashes. I looked at some influencers trying the products out and it honestly looked pretty simple from the videos.



You apply these lashes by putting the Falscara bond on your real eyelashes first. You then take the wisps and place it under your real eyelashes. Then, you use the seal part and voila, you have eyelashes extensions! This simple process was so much easier for me to do and way less time consuming. In the beginning, it was a hassle putting the wisp under my real eyelashes and going onto my waterline. After two attempts, my lashes were on and connected pretty naturally.

The KISS Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit comes with Falscara Eyelash Bond/ Seal, Lengthening Wisps, and Falscara Eyelash Applicator starting at $19.99. To take off your Falscara Wisps, wipe off any Bond residue with the Falscara Eyelash Remover or another makeup remover. With gentle care, the wisps are reusable and can be worn for 24 hours. You can choose from Lengthening Wisps or Voluming Wisps if you want to try something else for a little more drama.



The experiences with both Hizek and Falscara strip false lashes made me understand how much work goes into putting eyelashes together. I have to say I enjoyed the journey of putting on eyelashes and trying new experiments. But in this case, I think that KISS Falscara was a better way for me to put on lashes without the mess and hassle. If you want a less time consuming way to put on your lashes, then KISS Falscara is for you. But if you enjoy wearing eyeliner, the Hizek magnetic lashes may be a great choice.


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