I never had an opinion about crystal healing. In my eyes, crystals were beautiful stones that served as nice decorations, but that was about it. When I lived in New York, they were a rare sight. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that I started encountering them more often. I would pass by tables with baskets of crystals displayed on top and quickly glanced at the description cards, but never paid them any mind. I wasn’t quite a spiritual person, and I rarely believed in superstitions, so I couldn’t see myself benefitting from healing crystals

In recent years, crystal healing gained popularity as a type of alternative therapy that helps bring more harmony, focus, and tranquility to an individual’s life. Different types of crystals have unique energies that affect different areas of life. Though the benefits haven’t been scientifically proven, they’re primarily believed to improve mental wellbeing. 

It wasn’t until I was going through a particularly tough time in my life did I start warming up to the idea of healing crystals. I was shopping with a friend one day and popped into a crystal shop to browse the beautiful rows of stones. This time, I stopped and read the accompanying cards carefully, learning more about each crystal’s intention. Some were meant for rebalancing and recentering, warding off negativity, or letting go. Others encouraged creativity, self-love, or intuition. I started seeing the stones as a way to manifest the qualities of life that I wanted more of in my own life. 

Caught in a rut, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to bring some crystals home with me. The kind and patient saleswoman threw in a free bundle of sage and instructed me to cleanse the crystals and my home with it. At that point, I was still a bit skeptical, but figured it wouldn’t hurt.

When I got home, I lit the sage as I was instructed, and guided the smoke to each corner of my home. After setting the crystals down in my bedroom, I waved the sage smoke across the top of the stones for the final cleanse. What started off seeming a bit silly ended up being a self-care ritual. It was time that I took for myself to manifest more positivity in my life. And I loved that for me. 

This might be a controversial take on crystals: they’re like lucky little charms. They serve as my emotional guides that help facilitate growth by reminding me of what’s important. During times of uncertainty, they aid in calming my anxiety and stress. They also keep me focused emotionally and professionally, especially when I start feeling like I’m veering off track. 

No matter what it is you’re looking for, there’s likely a crystal for it. I’ve also been told to let your own energy guide you when you’re in a shop full of crystals—see which ones you’re drawn to. So next time you find yourself feeling like you need to refocus your energy or get a boost of spirituality, try exploring crystal healing. 

Here are the crystals I keep at home to ground myself in more positivity:




amethyst healing crystal

Amethyst is believed to remove clutter from your mind and increase focus. It’s an ideal crystal for meditation and purifying energy. It’s also thought to aid in letting go of what doesn’t serve you, whether it involves toxic people, situations, or things. It helps get rid of disruptive behaviors, enhances your intuition, and increases your spirituality. I bought this crystal when I found myself dwelling on past traumas.



Red Quartz

red quartz healing crystal

Red quartz helps encourage creativity. It aids in working on blockages or stages of stagnation when it comes to your career. The crystal is also thought to improve concentration and memory, which can be helpful during tight timelines or while working on a challenging project. It also encourages energy to act with confidence and strength. I purchased this crystal when I was experiencing a challenging period at work.



Smokey Quartz

smokey quartz healing crystals

Smokey Quartz is a gorgeous stone intended to ward off negative energy by channeling it into positivity. The crystal is said to help you move on from difficult or painful experiences by bringing emotional calmness, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. I introduced this crystal to my collection when I was going through challenges with family.




Aragonite is one of my favorite crystals. It helps you feel more balanced and stabilized in your emotions and encourages you to feel more patient and centered. The stone promotes truth and understanding. Believed to uplift feelings from stressful situations, it also increases tolerance and trust by providing insight into the root of problems. This is a stone I bought to improve my empathy.




black obsidian

Obsidian is another stone that wards off negative energy and acts as a powerful anchor for keeping you grounded. It’s used to clear energy and relieve fears. I added this stone when I realized my fears were keeping me from growing and moving forward.


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