When it comes to Astrology, everyone has a detailed and complex birth chart. You need to know someone’s birth time and place to access it, so if you’re casually dating or looking for a more serious partner, you may feel uncomfortable asking for this information early on. This article will explain how you can use your own birth chart in the dating world and how your Rising sign can point to the type of person and energy you may be drawn to. I’ll detail the difference between your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and what exactly your Rising sign means for your personality. 


Your Big 3: Sun, Moon, Rising

You may have been asked before, “What’s your Sun, Moon and Rising?” These three placements are kind of the “big three” in astrology and when they are combined, they can tell you quite a bit about a person. 

Your Sun sign is what most people commonly identify as and what people think of as “their sign.” This sign represents who we are at a basic level and how we function in the world. After learning more about astrology I discovered the Moon sign and how it actually represents our truest nature. Our Moon sign is said to be how we are when we’re alone or in the company of our closest friends and family.

The last of this trio, your Rising sign (also called your Ascendent and sometimes abbreviated to AC) is said to represent your personality when you’re in the company of someone you don’t know well and the first impression you make on people. Your Rising sign also represents how you present yourself outwardly, including the way you express your personal style. 

Often when people first learn their Zodiac (Sun) sign they read a few descriptions about it and decide whether they think it fits their personality or not. While our Sun sign is one part of our personality, two people with the same sign can be very different. 

Knowing our Sun, Moon, and Rising sign gives us a much more detailed look at how we function in the world, what our true nature is, and how we initially come across to others. 


Your Rising Sign is in the Details

The tricky thing with your Rising sign is that you really need to know your exact birth time because it’s different per every two hours. For a long time I had my birth time wrong and thought my rising sign was in Virgo (I’m a Virgo Sun and Capricorn Moon so I was looking at an all-earth-element trifecta). After asking my mom for my exact birth time I was surprised to learn I was born two hours later than I thought and in fact, my Rising sign is in….Libra! (I was excited to have a new element in the mix, I don’t want to be too grounded, you know? I also think it’s worth noting that Beyonce has a Virgo Sun and Libra Rising which may have added to the excitement a little as well). 

Libra is an air sign and I’ve come to enjoy noticing how it shows in the way I dress, style my home, and how I present myself. A lot of information on the Rising sign stops there because some people don’t feel it’s very important and describe it as “the mask” we wear. The interesting thing is that how we come across to people and how we choose to show ourselves to the world is kind of an important factor in our personality. If you’re single and dating, this is most likely how first dates see you and once they get to know you better they’ll start to see more of your Sun and eventually Moon (which sounds much more scandalous than I intended). 


What Your Descendant Sign Means For Your Love Life

Recently I started learning how our Ascendent sign (also called Rising or AC) can tell us what we may be looking for in a partner or the kind of person we’re drawn to. If you know your Ascendent sign, look to its opposite sign to find your Descendant (DC) sign. If our Ascendent sign is how we like to come across, almost the curated version of ourselves, our Descendant is a sign that we don’t necessarily embody, traits we don’t think we have, or what we may think of as our opposite.

If you’re thinking I’m about to tell you the old adage “opposites attract”…you’re not entirely wrong. You might look at the opposite sign of your Rising (your Descendent) and instantly think that you would never be looking for that in a partner. You might even feel defensive and think you do embody those traits and this is ridiculous.

One of my favorite things about astrology is its unbiased nature. You were born at a certain time, in a certain place, this is what the stars say. There’s a certain level of acceptance you have to come to if you want to get on board the celestial train that is astrology. If you can take an unbiased look at yourself, you may notice certain traits in people you’re drawn to but don’t quite know why. They may embody some of these seemingly opposite qualities. 

Since my Rising sign is in Libra, my Descendant is in Libra’s opposite sign: Aries. This doesn’t necessarily mean I have to partner up with an Aries Sun sign but I may find myself drawn to people who embody Aries energy (consequently Aries is the Warrior of the Zodiac and I’m in a relationship with someone in the military). With all things astrology one thing never automatically means another and nothing is ever quite black and white.

If you look up your Descendant and it doesn’t describe your current partner or what you want in a partner, there’s no cause for concern. Astrology can be a helpful tool and a way for us to do introspection and self-inquiry. While it can be true that opposites attract, we also know it’s never a good idea to think another person can or should complete us. 

We may be drawn to people with traits of our Descendant sign because a part of us craves some of that energy. If you’re looking for love, you could use this information and your Descendant sign to go on a date with a type of person you normally wouldn’t. If that doesn’t sound appealing or you’re already coupled up, you can also use this information to look at what traits you might deep down want to embody more of and use it as a way to grow and allow yourself to show up in the world in new and different ways.

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