Pulling a Tarot card or two may seem only for the mystical, but I’ve found it can be a simple way to tap into our intuition. In fact, Tarot cards are full of symbolism. While each card does have meaning and descriptions you can look up, there’s always room for personal interpretation. Reading Tarot cards is a great way to seek out our own inner guidance and get answers to questions only we can know.

Learning to listen to our intuition and inner guidance is so important, especially when we are constantly bombarded by outside voices and opinions. Sometimes even intuition can sound mystical, but it truly is our own 6th sense. You don’t have to take a course or do anything fancy to get started on your Tarot journey. This article will explain how you can use Tarot cards as a tool for tuning into your own intuition. 

One of the reasons our intuition is so important is because it’s tied to our subconscious and the part of our brain that constantly takes in information. Vivid dreams in deep REM sleep are linked to the same part of our brain and explain why we can recount so many details. In other words, our brain knows more than our conscious mind realizes.

Today we have so many resources available to us that it can almost be second nature to look outside for answers. Because of this, we don’t really have to rely on our intuition as much. It can seem foreign to access. It’s common in the world of mystics to rely only on someone else to give us answers, which I have definitely found myself guilty of sometimes.

While there are amazing astrologers and Tarot readers that can be incredibly helpful, it’s also empowering to know that within all of us is a deep source of information through our own well being. Using Tarot cards can allow you to ask yourself for guidance and access details not easily available in your conscious mind. 

Connecting with ourselves

If you’re worried about summoning spirits or anything along those lines, fear not. Tarot cards aren’t intended for that, despite what many people think. They’re a tool for connecting us to ourselves, and they’re meant to help us do some self-reflection! Each card has so much symbolism and invites us to dive in and open our minds. Each card has multiple meanings so there’s room for your subconscious to piece together your own unique message.

A good example of this is the (somewhat intimidating) Death Card. It can be easy to think that pulling this card can only mean one thing… but it can actually be a positive card to pull! Biddy Tarot is one of my favorite resources to use, and the site has descriptions for each type of card. She says the Death Card can actually mean change, endings, transformation, and/or a transition.

As a side note, each card has a different meaning whether upright or reversed. But the word on the Tarot street is that you don’t have to read them reversed. You can choose. After hearing a lot of Tarot readers choose not to, I decided not to because I’m just starting out and I like to keep things simple. You can decide what’s right for you, but I usually just flip the card if it turns over reversed.

If you’re not quite ready, try affirmation cards

If you want to tap into your intuition but don’t feel like venturing into Tarot just yet, affirmation cards can also be a great option. Tarot is a specific deck with lots of different versions, but affirmation cards come in all different varieties. They are usually much more straight forward and include clear messages with words (Tarot cards don’t have any wording on them).

While there aren’t as many interpretations or mystic symbols, the simple act of shuffling the cards, relaxing, taking deep breaths, and landing on a card can start the process of connecting with your intuition. Affirmation cards could be a great way to get comfortable with that process and then move on to a Tarot deck (or not).

Anyone can Tarot

I wanted a Tarot deck for a long time but felt overwhelmed because of the amount of information there is to learn. People study for years to learn how to do Tarot spreads and interpret the cards (a lot of them have great YouTube channels). And I let that keep me from trying my own hand at it.

Eventually, I was gifted a deck by a friend and I suddenly felt much more freedom to play and learn and have fun with it. Now I use my deck to pull cards for myself and sometimes will pull one for a friend. I don’t have the meanings memorized, so I go online and look up each card I pull. I don’t have any plans to become a professional reader and I would never charge someone for a reading, I just do it for fun! It really has been helpful for times when I feel disconnected from myself. 

Have fun and trust yourself!

You can look up all different kinds of Tarot spreads, which can get quite elaborate. Sometimes I just pull one card and sometimes I do a simple three-card spread. A simple way to do a three-card spread is to think of each card you pull as 1. Past 2. Present 3. Future.

Biddy Tarot has an article you can check out here where she details how to do a 3 card spread using 1. Situation 2. Problem 3. Action. Sometimes I’ll just pull 3 cards and look up the meaning for each without a clear process and it will still prove insightful.  If you’re somewhat of a perfectionist or are used to using your logical brain at all times, this can be uncharted territory.

I encourage you to have fun with it and trust yourself! 


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