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Known for being bold and playful, Aries isn’t a sign that loves anything too sappy or nostalgic. They are the perfect friend to call if you need a little cheering up and they’ll most likely be spending their holiday watching funny Christmas movies and drinking spiced eggnog! Aries love to be active so a cozy holiday/winter activity like sitting in a hot tub or visiting natural hot springs to soothe their sore muscles is right up their alley. A great gift to get an Aries is a good old fashioned board game because it’s both fun and competitive!


Image sources: Movie / Peppermint Hot Cocoa / Knitting / Candle


Taurus is a grounded earth sign that enjoys a healthy dose of routine. They most likely have a tradition where they watch the same movie every year and drink the same drink while doing it! Classics like Home Alone and peppermint hot cocoa are their idea of holiday fun. A Taurus knows that good things take time, so a winter activity like knitting is both satisfying and practical. The perfect gift for the Taurus in your life is a scented candle because it’s cozy and indulges their senses.


Image sources: Movie / Puzzle / Gingerbread / Bag


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. A movie like Love Actually is perfect for them because it follows so many different storylines that you really have to be able to keep up. An activity like putting together a puzzle is ideal because it requires them to use their sharp mind and it can be done with others. A gingerbread house is an activity and treat for this sign because its intricate details require focus and snacking on gumdrops and licorice is probably the real reason most people make these! This crossbody bag is a great gift because they’re always on the go.


Image sources: Movie / Cookies / Pajamas / Bubble Bath 


Sweet Cancers are usually very sentimental and love all things heartwarming. A classic Christmas tale like It’s a Wonderful Life has their heart, and their yearly Christmas tradition of decorating intricate sugar cookies for their neighbors probably keeps them busy all month long. This is the sign most likely to be caught buying matching pajamas for their family, friends, or fur baby! A beautiful bottle of bubble bath is pure luxury to this water sign.


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Leos are a warm and loyal fire sign and are usually very family oriented. A movie like Family Stone ticks all their holiday boxes, and a fun twist on a classic cocktail like a turmeric tequila hot toddy is very Leo approved. Their idea of the perfect holiday activity is a secret Santa gift exchange because they love giving and receiving gifts, and they also love the intrigue of wondering who drew their name! This silky bomber jacket is chic and displays the perfect message for the confident Leo in your life.


Image sources: Movie/ Watering Tin / Card / Buche de Noel


Earth sign Virgo loves all things classy, so a traditional and wholesome movie like White Christmas is what they consider Christmas perfection. They can be known for being perfectionists, but often just have a specific way of doing things. They’re also ruled by the communication planet Mercury, so an activity like handwriting Christmas cards is probably something the virgos in your life will be sending your way. A classic holiday treat like the Buche de Noel completely  fits the Virgo aesthetic and a beautiful watering tin is the perfect gift for them and their plant babies.


Image sources: Movie / Wreath / Gift Set / Cocktail


This newer Netflix Christmas movie is reminiscent of Love Actually and has a lighthearted feel that the air sign Libra will enjoy (it also features funny Libra lady Joan Cusack). Libra is ruled by beauty-loving planet Venus, so creating an eye-catching Christmas wreath spells Holiday fun for them. Again, they’re all about the aesthetic so a beautiful champagne cocktail  is how they’ll be cozying up while creating their DIY wreath! They love to take care of themselves and pamper their skin, so a pretty skincare gift set will be their favorite gift of the season.


Image sources: Movie/ Tree / Gift / Cocktail


Scorpios are known for being intense, but they’re also deep feelers (they just don’t usually let onto that). Happiest Season is a new Christmas movie featuring Dan Levy, and its witty humor and “under the radar” warm and fuzzy feeling is sure to please the Scorpio crowd. Because they secretly like to be the best at everything they do, the perfect activity for them is finding the biggest and best tree for their lair. Add an equally intense smoking cocktail to the night and it’s Scorpio perfection! They love their privacy as well, so a camera doorbell they can check from their phone is the gift they’re hoping for. 


Image sources: Movie/ Bonfire/ Treat / Calendar


Playful and fun Sagittarius will enjoy all the laughs that Jim Carrey provides in this Dr. Seuss classic! As a fire sign that craves adventure, a bonfire is the perfect activity – it can be done outdoors, they can keep the group small, and they can space themselves out to meet social distancing requirements. A treat like these tasty “muddy buddies” or “puppy chow” (or any other name you want to call them) is an easy thing to toss in a bag and take with you to the bonfire. Sagittarius is known as the traveler of the zodiac and with restrictions in place this year, this travel-themed 2021 calendar is sure to make them smile.


Image sources: Movie / Skating / Cocktail / Planner


Down-to-earth and driven are traits that describe a Capricorn, and The Christmas Chronicles movie centers around a down-to-earth Santa Klaus. He’s determined to make sure all his gifts get delivered on time, which a Capricorn can truly appreciate. A wintertime activity like ice skating is something they can get on board with and if they live somewhere cold they may even get down to business and make their own backyard rink! A classic cocktail like the Old Fashioned is something they’ll drink after to warm up, and adding a little cinnamon or candied orange is enough of a twist for them. A beautiful and simple planner is a gift they’ll cherish and will help keep them keep all their projects organized in 2021.


Image sources: Movie / Sweater / Cookies / Bags


The innovative Aquarius will love Jingle Jangle for its storyline centered around creativity and unique inventions. It’s quirky and fun and the perfect movie for them to enjoy while participating in their annual ugly sweater event (even if it is a smaller crowd this year). A fun take on a classic treat like these oreo pops is also something they’ll probably be serving up this season. Aquarius is known for being forward-thinking and community-driven, so you can bet they’re probably hoping to reduce their carbon footprint in 2021 with these reusable bags- a gift they’ll love!


Image sources: Movie / Mulled Wine / Snowglobe / Diffuser


The kind-hearted and ethereal Pisces will enjoy the spirit of generosity and magic that the Miracle on 34th Street portrays. Known for being an old soul, simmering a batch of mulled wine to share with people they love is the perfect holiday drink. They love things with a little whimsy, so creating DIY snow globes is something they’ll find festive and fun. A gift that’s sure to be a hit with them is an essential oil diffuser like this cool moon style one!



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