February will come to a close with the year’s only full moon in Virgo. The full moon is always in the opposite sign of where the sun sits, and we entered Pisces season (Virgo’s opposite) on the 19th. This full moon will highlight the polarity represented by these two signs, and herald the end of the year in Western astrology, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Even though we celebrate New Year’s on January 1st, the zodiac starts with the sign of Aries and the Spring Equinox on March 21st. This means that Pisces season represents endings. This article will detail what kind of energy you can expect this moon to bring and ways we can embrace it.


This Moon is Known as the Snow Moon

Each full moon has a few different names attributed to it based on the season it lands in. Native Americans called the February full moon the Snow Moon, and also the Hunger Moon, because it’s often a cold, dark season depending on where you live. It also marks a time when animals are still hibernating and food sources can be limited. This is a time when resourcefulness and good planning are of utmost importance, so it’s no surprise the Virgo full moon shows up here. The sign of Virgo is known as the healer of the zodiac and associated with being self-sustained and orderly. She is represented by a woman holding chaffs of wheat.


Virgo Pisces Polarity

Each sign has an opposing sign on the zodiac wheel and they’re often depicted as two sides of the same pole. Virgo is earth, and Pisces is water. Virgo thrives on routine, while Pisces is able to go with the flow. Virgo’s motto is “I Analyze,” and Pisces’ motto is “I Believe.” Day to day routine, order, and schedules are Virgo’s realm. Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac, and relates to the spiritual side of life and our intuition. Duality, polarity, and balance are always common themes in astrology, and I think one of the reasons we love to look up astrological compatibility with romantic partners is because we’re naturally drawn to these ideas. We’re often looking for ways to balance opposing things in our lives and find that sweet spot where things feel like they’re falling into place. As with all opposing signs, there are lessons the Virgo/Pisces axis in this full moon can teach us. 


What Kind of Energy Will the Virgo Snow Moon Bring? 

Each zodiac sign has its stereotypes and they are often at least slightly true! Virgos tend to thrive on routine and have certain things they’re very specific about (hence the stereotype about organization and cleanliness). Of course, not every Virgo loves to organize, schedule, and clean, but the chaffs of wheat in the maiden’s hands symbolize tending to our earthly needs. Virgo energy is concerned with practical matters like providing for ourselves, and this moon will remind us of the importance of tending to those things. While these aren’t always the most exciting things to focus on, we all know our basic needs have to be met in order to survive and thrive.

If the month of January just didn’t feel right for setting intentions, this full moon can be the perfect time to set a few that might be calling to you! Like I mentioned before, in Western astrology, the year kicks off with Aries season, so this might energetically feel like a better time to start new routines or practices. If you avoid any routine or structure and you’re worried about this full moon feeling intense (hello Virgo!), the good news is we’re in Pisces season, so it will most likely have slightly ethereal energy surrounding it.

The lesson these two signs teach us is that we need to tend to both our practical needs (earth) and our spiritual world (water). If you’re willing to take an objective look at what areas of your life need tending to, you might find it could benefit from either Virgo or Pisces energy. Maybe you need to work on a budget or buy a planner and get better about creating structure if you’re working from home, Virgo’s realm. Or maybe you started off the year with a lot of new routines and you’re feeling a little burnt out, and could use some rest and soul rejuvenation, Pisces realm. 


Making Room for Love by Becoming It

The theme of the month has been centered around creating space for love. Often we talk about love in very separate categories like self-love, romantic, friendship, etc. Just like Virgo and Pisces are two different sides of the same pole, love is love regardless of what form it takes. One of my favorites, Deepak Chopra, says this about love: “Love is a way of being, not something you give. When a person is truly loving, he is love.” I think this explanation of love can feel very freeing because it means you don’t have to search for it or buy things that will help you find it, or change anything about yourself to have it.

We just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and while people celebrating the love in their life is a beautiful thing, it may have brought up feelings of scarcity and lack, not unlike the season of the Hunger Moon. Seeing people post about how their significant others complete them may make you feel lonely for a partner, or people tagging their besties may have you craving a great group of friends to spend “Galentine’s” with. There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting either of those things, but Deepak’s take opens up an empowering possibility where we can create love by being love, and we don’t need any outside influences to experience it.

The archetype of Virgo is of a woman who is “whole unto herself” and has everything she needs and wants. Pisces is also a sign that’s associated with the ability to turn inward and sustain themselves. Regardless of where this Hunger Moon finds you, I hope you’re able to embrace Virgo energy and Deepak’s take on love and find exactly what you need within yourself. Because while a post detailing how you met your current romantic partner is cute…being the embodiment of love and completing yourself, is way cooler. 


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