On Wednesday, September 2nd there’s a Full Moon in the intuitive water sign of Pisces. During a full moon, energy can feel heightened and often we can feel a little scattered or emotional. It can also be a great time to connect to our intuition and gain clarity on certain questions or struggles we’re going through, so it’s important to stay grounded and open to insight. Below are a few simple ways to stay centered in our minds and grounded in our bodies while harnessing some Pisces mermaid vibes! 


Soak in a Salt Bath

Taking a bath with bath salts (Epsom or Himalayan are some of my favorites) is great for prompting relaxation and is also naturally purifying. This is a simple way to relax, detox, and feel connected to our bodies. 

If you live near the ocean and are able to take a dip, that’s a great way to ground. But a salt bath can be the next best thing if you are far from the water! (Pisces are known for being somewhat ethereal and mystical so if you want to feel extra-mermaidy you could even soak your hair in the bath and let it dry into makeshift beach waves. But that’s not required!).


Meditate with Amethyst

Pisces is associated with the crystals aquamarine and amethyst. Meditation is always a great grounding practice, and if you enjoy crystals you can use them as a fun addition to the practice. I suggest amethyst because it’s an amazing stone for helping release stress and emotions. It’s also a beautiful purple color, which is associated with mysticism and connecting to our intuition. 


Practice Free-Writing

Often when we think of journaling we picture pretty notebooks and nice, neat notations. With free writing though, the goal is to just get thoughts out of our heads and onto paper that will eventually get thrown away. Instead of writing thoughts down we want to come back to, the goal is to release thoughts that no longer serve us. This can be really freeing if you’ve never practiced it! The full moon is always a great time to release things and make space, and making space in our minds is equally important.


Stay Hydrated Naturally

Depending on what part of the world you live in, September can signify the end of summer but still include some scorching temperatures. It’s important to keep our bodies balanced with vital electrolytes. We need to add hydration  not only after a workout but anytime our bodies sweat (which for me in the summer is basically anytime I’m not in air conditioning). 

A simple way to create electrolyte water at home is to add ¼ tsp pink Himalayan salt and juice from ½ a lemon or lime to a glass of water. (Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals including oxygen, calcium, magnesium and iron, just to name a few!) Our body and mind work together and ensuring our physical body has what it needs to be healthy will always help us feel more grounded overall. 


Get in Touch with Your Toes

Each sign of the zodiac is associated with a certain part of the body, and Pisces rules the feet and lymphatic system. Astrology always works in an orderly fashion: Aries the first sign of the zodiac rules the head and Pisces the twelfth and final sign rules the feet. Each sign in between corresponds to the body as you work your way down (Virgo is the 6th and middle sign and rules the stomach-middle of your body). 

Giving yourself a foot massage or scheduling a pedicure may feel extra luxurious around this full moon! Our feet help us quite literally stay connected to the ground and do a lot for us throughout the day, so it’s nice to show them some love. (Side Note: There are 26 bones in our feet and they all deserve some extra love!) 

Massaging can also stimulate the lymphatic system, which prompts detox and aids our immune system. This is another way we can care for our physical bodies and create a sense of grounding by tapping into the mind-body connection. 


“Serve or Suffer”

This is somewhat of a dramatic motto but it’s the unofficial one that many astrologers attribute to the sign of Pisces. It’s said that they’ll suffer if they’re not in service to others because so much of their life’s purpose is tied to uplifting the greater good. 

Volunteering, getting involved with a cause, or just helping a friend out can help us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves and draw us out of any full moon funks that we may fall into. 


Remember That Life is a Lesson in Duality

The sign for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions that are connected to one another at the same time. This serves as a reminder that we’re always in the cycle of beginnings and endings, yin and yang, light and dark, and that life is never going to be all good or all bad. 

It can be easy to feel weighed down by the world, especially during the year 2020. This full moon in Pisces is a great time to loosen our grip on anything in our lives that’s been leaning toward the extreme and allow some of the natural flow and balance that the Pisces fish symbolizes. 


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