Through my years of doing hair, I managed to see many different people with many emotions sitting in my chair. We can all agree that a hair change can directly have an affect on how we may see ourselves and how we carry ourselves. Everything from getting the wrong haircut and even a terrible haircut, to having the wrong color shade, or even having those grays peaking through can throw our whole day off.

Some people also believe hair can hold on to negative energies from traumatic experiences that we have encountered. They believe coloring or cutting can completely turn those energies around. My ability to see both negative and positive changes in people ranging from mood to body language has been a truly interesting experience. 

Letting Go of Negativity

While working at Ulta, I had a young lady cut off over 10 inches off her hair due to the negativity surrounding everything in her life. This client was a struggling addict and had not had her hair cut in over two years. When she decided she had enough of addiction, she made the important decision to say goodbye to her hair as well.

She did this before going into treatment because she wanted to get all that dead weight (both literally and figuratively) out of her life. She spruced up her color and transformed before my eyes. When we started the process of doing her hair, she was reserved and seemed to retreat into her shell. As I cut off her hair and applied her color, she became open and bubbly and talked about her journey with me. It was a truly eye opening experience that I will never forget. 

While there have been so many beautiful, illuminating transformations; there have also been irate and upset people in my chair that I could never please.

Trying to Bring Back the Past

I will never forget the time that a beautiful woman sat down in my chair. She proceeded to show me a photo of her from around 10 years earlier. She wanted a warm honey blonde but insisted on no copper. All she wanted to see was gold. When it came time to tone her highlights, I followed the instructions she had given me. No Copper.

I am a wiz at color matching and gave her the same honey blonde she showed me from her previous years. When I was finished, she insisted it was not the same shade. I knew, had I added the copper, it would have added depth and tone to her hair and she would have been happier.

This incident resulted in me having to tone her hair three times and ultimately she became so irate with me that I had to consult with another stylist to help me resolve the situation.  It was definitely a situation I will remember for all of my life. Normally, we associate our hair with happy or negative situations and I feel like this person was trying to bring back a part of her life that she held near and dear to her heart. I truly wished I could have given that to her. 

My Own Personal Hair Epiphanies 

As a stylist, I’ve changed my own hair countless times throughout many moods and seasons to fit and convey what I was feeling. Whenever I broke up with a person or moved on from a toxic situation that I was in, I always changed my hair color. It is the easiest way to move on from a situation without completely ruining my hair or so I thought. 

I have gone from blue to green to pink to purple. I realized it was easier to deal with any emotional issues or trauma I was going through by completely changing my look. It truly made me feel better about whatever I was going through when I changed up my appearance, and it helped me not to reminisce on how sad or upset I was.

Which, admittedly, may not be a truly healthy way to process emotions and feelings. And, it certainly is not a great way to process trauma. However, it does make me feel better, which is the first step for me. When my hair doesn’t look the way I want it to, I always feel less confident in all aspects of my life. I realized a few months ago that while I have a beautiful head of hair (which i am very thankful for), I have a tendency to use that to hide behind. 

Sometimes, even when we are expecting a drastic change with our hair, it can be overwhelming. Drastic changes such as a “big chop” haircut or going from brunette to blonde can be a little anxiety inducing. It is always important if you decide that you want a drastic change to remember that you may be a little overwhelmed with the outcome.

Even though I have changed my own hair multiple times over the past few years, I have still had moments of utter shock when I changed from one extreme to the next. Especially when cutting my hair, I have noticed that when even cutting off the smallest amount gives me severe anxiety.

Another thing to take into consideration when doing vivid colors like pinks and purples, is that even though it can be super fun switching it up all the time, color removers can still be very damaging to the hair. Be sure to always be honest and open with your stylist about what is on your hair as well. Doing DIY vivid colors on a good base can be fun, but certain color lines can be hard to remove evenly. 

I always recommend a hair change. Whether it be to celebrate a positive change such as weight loss/gain or a new promotion with work, or if it’s to stop reminding you of a negative situation you were in, change can be a good thing. Remember that energy can be trapped in your hair and needs to get out. We would love to hear your opinions on big hair changes and any changes that were drastic with your hair that correlated with your life. 

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