It’s been said that if you wear glasses, makeup basically goes out the door. 


If anything, glasses can amplify your look and showcase your skills. Think of them like the frame you use to display a piece of art. That’s what makeup is.. art!

Glasses are a necessity for many of us. And while we need them to see, they can also be an amazing fashion accessory. If you know how to accentuate your makeup with glasses, the frames can truly add to your makeup look.

Here are some makeup tips for the girls with glasses.

Choose Larger Frames

Smaller frames can limit the amount of space you have to work with when you’re creating more elaborate looks. If you want to play with color, do a smokey eye, or wing out that liner, make sure your canvas is big enough. 

Don’t let your glasses hide all your hard work. Opt for larger frames that will display rather than obscuring your eye makeup.

Correct and Conceal the Under Eye Area

Corrector and concealer is a MUST when you wear glasses. When light hits your face, the frames cause shadows under your eyes.  You’ll want the under eye area to be bright enough to counteract the shadows. 

Start with a corrector before your foundation, yellow to dark peach depending on your skin tone. After foundation, choose a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. This will help the shadows be less obvious. Remember to set your concealer to prevent creasing, as your glasses will draw attention to your eye area.

Use a Primer on Your Nose Bridge

We all know the struggle of pushing up our glasses as they slide down the bridge of the nose. This used to be my least favorite part of wearing my glasses when I had foundation on. Those little marks were the worst.

I started putting a coat of eye shadow primer right on the area my glasses sat, and it has been a life saver. The primer helps your foundation stay put, and by setting it with powder, you’ve got a “no-slip” zone. Your glasses will stay put, and the foundation on your nose will look flawless all day.

Keep Your Eyeshadow Bright

The brighter, the better! Try and stay away from dark shadows as it causes your eyes to look more tired. You glasses are casting a shadow on your eyes already, and you don’t want to accentuate it any more. By keeping your eyeshadow shades lighter, you can help brighten the eye area.

Matte neutrals are always a safe choice. Using lighter matte browns and taupes keeps the eye area looking defined yet natural at the same time. These types of shadows are great for an everyday routine.

However, don’t be afraid to play with color! The thing to remember is to take into account the color of your frames. If you have non-neutral frames, it’s important to make sure that your eyeshadow doesn’t clash with your glasses. Choose eyeshadow colors that compliment your frames, or you can even try matching the color of the frames.

Eyeliner is Essential

When you wear glasses, you don’t want to skip the eyeliner. Glasses can take away attention from your eyes. By using eyeliner, you draw that attention back to where it should be.

You’re going to determine the thickness of your eyeliner by examining your frames. When you have thinner frames, use a thin line for your eyeliner. With thicker frames, you have the freedom to go a little more dramatic and thick with your eyeliner.

Brows Are the Most Important Feature

Brows are the frames of the face. A lot of people think you can skip brows when you wear glasses… not so! Your glasses draw attention to your eye area and that includes your brows. 

Make sure that your brows are shaped and filled in. They don’t have to be sculpted, a soft natural brow works beautifully. Similar to your eyeliner, thin frames mean thin brows, and thick frames look best with thicker brows.

Limit the Length of Your Lashes

Of course we all want long lashes, but it’s important to think about the direction they’re going. 

Your eyelashes may bump your lenses and leave mascara streaks, so make sure that your curl them so they are going up instead of out. False lashes and lengthening mascaras are not the best options when you’re wearing glasses.

If you still find that your mascara is marking your lenses, opt for waterproof.


What are some hacks you’ve found for wearing glasses with makeup? Let us know in the comments!

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