Don’t you just love the feeling of your skin after removing and washing away all of the dirt and makeup at the end of a long day? Or that barefaced freshness you get to enjoy after a professional facial—when your pores are unclogged and skin feels just like new? We know you do! 

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of fresh, clean skin, especially since the dirt, sweat, and the pollution from your day-to-day commute can easily pile up, leaving your skin looking and feeling tired, dull, and even dehydrated. 

And while regular washing can rid the skin of debris and pollutants on a surface level, it’s also important to indulge in a skin detox every once in a while— targeted at removing all impurities, toxins, and even dead skin cells to refresh and restore skin’s health on a deeper level. 

We have a good news: you can totally do this beautifying detox at home! Here, we list down seven easy tips and tricks to help you recover or finally achieve your freshest skin yet. 

Cleanse twice a day…the right way!

Piling on layers upon layers of makeup over your face every day can wreak havoc to your skin, especially when you forget to wash it off at night. So it goes without saying that a proper daily skin care routine is needed for you to get your glow on. Make it a must to wash your face in the morning and in the evening., and make sure to choose the right products for your skin type.

If you have dry skin, you can opt for an oil cleanser in the morning, and a foaming cleanser at night. For those with normal to oily complexions, you can stick with a water-based facial wash—for both morning and evening—to prevent further oil buildup and breakouts. 

Don’t be afraid to use toner

Toners are infamous for being drying, but don’t fret; there is now a lot of non-alcohol-based formulas that won’t leave skin feeling taut and raw. Aside from picking up any leftover dirt or residue that your regular cleanser might have missed, toners also work in rebalancing the pH level of your skin and helping control oil production. It’s a great way to prep skin for your serums and moisturizers, too, as it further unblocks pores and makes it ready to receive all the good stuff. Choose a light, natural formula that leaves your skin fresh and revitalized. 

Give yourself a steam facial

Hot steam doesn’t just feel good on your skin. It is, in fact, really good for your skin. The heat improves blood circulation, opens up your pores, and helps extra dirt and grime naturally. Plus, it also allows your skin care ingredients to better penetrate your skin, so you maximize your products. 

If you don’t have a steam shower at home, you can improvise with a large basin filled with hot water. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the basin, letting the steam warm up your face for about 10 minutes. 

Exfoliate once or twice a week

Apart from dealing with the buildup of dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt on your skin, regular exfoliation also stimulates cell regeneration, so your skin is able to renew itself naturally faster. If you have normal to oily skin, schedule an exfoliating session twice a week (limit it to once a week if you have dry or sensitive skin). A gentle cleansing scrub works to slough away impurities, but be mindful of the friction you exert to avoid irritation.

Treat skin to a pore-cleansing mask

Charcoal is a deeply detoxifying ingredient usually found in cleansers and peel-off facial masks since it can naturally draw out toxins and impurities. Thus, it works wonders in removing dirt, grime, excess makeup, and oil, and also works as an effective exfoliant. 

Hydrate and treat

As you strip your skin of the baddies, don’t forget to load up on the good stuff—especially now when your complexion is more receptive to skin savers. Apart from investing in an effective and lightweight moisturizer, you may also consider adding facial serums to your routine as they’re packed with active ingredients to help address your skin concerns—from reviving tired-looking skin to brightening your skin tone. Plus, since serums are made up of smaller molecules, the skin also effectively absorbs them more deeply and quickly. 

Detoxify your body from within

Don’t forget that your body needs cleansing from the inside, too! Make it a habit to drink lots and lots of water as this helps your internal system easily eliminate the waste and toxins within your body through natural processes. Even better: Staying hydrated keeps you clear-skinned as well. By all means, avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks when you can, as these can dry up skin and trigger breakouts. 

Exercising regularly and getting enough sleep should also be non-negotiables in your daily routine. Find a physical hobby or sport, like yoga, which you can easily stick to and keep up with despite a busy schedule. Activities like these help release the impurities inside your body through sweat—the fastest way to detox! 

On top of this, maintaining a healthy and well- balanced diet is also crucial to caring for your skin. Skip the salty, oily, and processed eats, and go for healthier food—particularly the “natural” kind, like fruits and veggies, which are rich in skin-saving antioxidants. Before you know it, your skin will start to look glowing. 

Do you know other skin detox tips? Share them with us in the comments section! 🙂



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