There are companies dedicated to transforming the world of fashion into a truly inclusive industry. The following list of queer-owned companies are also gender non-conforming, bringing inclusivity of gender, race, size, and ability into an industry that needs radical change.

Stuzo Clothing

Based: Los Angeles
Price Point: $30-$75
Info: Gender-free, black queer-owned, body-inclusive

Stuzo Clothing was started in 2010 by Uzo Ejikeme and Stoney Michelli. Celebrities like Ruby Rose, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish are among just a few that have strut their Stuzo Clothing items. Ejikeme and Michelli hopes their company will give people the freedom to express themselves and be bold without fear. Their clothes are gender non-conforming because according to them, “clothes don’t have any organs last time we checked.”

Origami Customs

queer owned companies

Based: Montreal
Price Point: $30-$200
Info: Gender non-conforming, non-binary & queer-owned, sustainable manufacturing, fully recycled materials

Origami Customs offers swimwear, loungewear, and lingerie that is handmade and fully customizable to meet different gender-affirming needs. They’ll even alter items for free to match your personal fneeds. Origami makes everything out of recycled materials in their Montreal location. Some of their gender non-conforming items include transmasculine shorts and binders, transfemme soft underwear, and gaffs. They also offer free gaffs for people in transition who are not in a financial place to afford these items.

Pyramid Seven

queer owned companies

Based: Chicago
Price Point: $45 for each pair
Info: Gender-affirming, queer-owned, body inclusive

Pyramid Seven is changing the game of gender non-conforming clothing companies. They specialize in period boxers, because they believe that “an individual can identify anywhere on the gender spectrum and menstruate.”


queer owned companies

Based: Online
Price Point: $5-$50
Info: gender-affirming, queer-affirming, all products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens and phthalates

Fluide is a cosmetic company that makes colorful, playful makeup that doesn’t discriminate based on gender identity, gender expression, or skin tone. Some of the products are named after safe queer spaces, like the Liquid Lipstick in Poodle Beach, to celebrate safety and comfort among the queer community.

Kirrin Finch

Based: Brooklyn
Price Point: $50-$500 (for full suits)
Info: queer-owned, gender-affirming, queer-affirming

Kirrin Finch is a “menswear-inspired” company that believes in challenging the norms of the fashion industry. They create business and casual wear that is not categorized by gender. Instead, their clothing is comfortable and made to fit every type of body. Kirrin Finch clothes are also made with sustainable materials and low-impact dyes.

Black Queer Magic 

Based: New York City
Price Point: $20-$200
Info: black queer-owned, gender non-conforming, queer-affirming

Vanessa B. Miller is a self-taught jeweler who makes custom copper, brass, and silver jewelry. Miller focuses on trans and queer liberation, and uses healing crystals in many of their jewelry pieces. They also give time and energy to foster care programs, as they grew up in a foster home system and want to be an advocate for children in that world.


queer owned companies

Based: New York City
Price Point: $10-$100
Info: queer-owned, queer non-conforming, slow-fashion

Radimo is a bit different than our other featured brands. It is a collective marketplace for gender-fluid clothing that works to radically change the world of fashion through size, race, ability, and gender inclusivity. Radimo believes in affordability being one of the top most important things in inclusive clothing lines. They also feature jewelry, hair accessories, and body oils.

Automic Gold

Based: New York City
Price Point: $50-$500 (the higher prices are for wedding bands)
Info: queer-owned, gender non-confirming, queer-affirming, sustainable, ethically-made

Automic Gold makes fine jewelry accessible for everyone. They foster inclusivity by hiring non-white, non-cis, size inclusive models. They also have made a promise to never photoshop ANY of their models. Another unique aspect of their business model is not including “fake prices” or “discounts.” This is because many companies overcharge in the beginning and then add a “discount,” which is ultimately a fake price scheme. Automic Gold is transparent in every aspect of their company.


queer owned companies

Based: Toronto
Price Point: $30-$200
Info: gender non-conforming, sustainable slow-fashion, ethically-made

Muttonhead is known for being 100% gender-neutral. Which for an outdoor brand, is a very big deal. This is because the world of outdoor wear is notorious for not supporting queer and trans companies, so an outdoor company like Muttonhead that doesn’t include gender in their brand is rather refreshing.


queer owned companies

Based: Austin
Price Point: $15-$60
Info: queer-owned, trans-inclusive, gender non-conforming, USA-made

FLAVNT is one of our favorite independent clothing, queer-owned companies. Based out of Austin, Texas, they strive to give all people confidence to be themselves in this world through gender non-conforming and trans-inclusive options.

Are there other queer-owned companies that you know and love? If so, drop some in the comments section below! You can read about some black-owned businesses and black-owned skincare companies to try as well.


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