Have you ever encountered someone who was surprised upon discovering your age? It’s awesome if they say you’re younger than your actual age, but when you’re 25 and they say you’re 35… it kinda sucks, right?

When we start to look and feel older than we are, we can look at a few surprising common factors that contribute to this. Below, we write about four common factors and a few tips on how to prevent premature aging.

1) Attitude toward… everything!

Your attitude, or how you see, accept, and react to things happening around you is one of the key factors in premature aging. You can actually look at people around you and see the difference. For example, at your workplace, you might have a co-worker who doesn’t do anything but complain and stress out about every little thing.

On the other hand, you might also have a co-worker who’s always smiling, joyful, and willing to find a solution. Look closely at them and compare their lines of aging. What differences do you see?

What we can do about it: Stress, frowning, and all-around negative facial reactions can make you look older because they create wrinkles, aging lines, and other aging manifestations. Changing how you perceive your day-to-day life can help lower signs of aging.

If you feel like a negative person, try spending time with more positive people. You can see how they manage stress and negative things that happen to them. You can also try starting a “gratitude journal” by writing all the good things that happen to you. You might even be surprised that your day-to-day isn’t as stressful and negative as you think it is, but rather, something you can be happy and thankful about.

2) Drinking and Smoking

Whether regularly or occasionally, these two can definitely cause premature aging. Unfortunately, drinking and smoking pose a threat to our bodies. Excessive drinking and smoking can target our kidneys, liver, lungs… and also our skin.

Over time, heavy drinkers may have discolored facial skin, poor muscle tone, and often have broken blood vessels or small spider veins. Smokers, on the other hand, may develop fine lines around the mouth, deeper forehead wrinkles, and are twice as likely to develop bad teeth.

What you can do about it: Slowing down your drinking and smoking habits can be difficult! Try cutting it down little by little and see if that helps! We’re not here to kill your fun but rather, help you live longer to have more fun – and even look younger in the long run!

It also helps to have a buddy who is trying to cut down as well, so you guys can find activities that aren’t centered around smoking or drinking.

3) Climate

Whether you’re living in a tropical country or somewhere with more seasons, different climates can have a drastic effect on our skin. If you spend too much time under the sun, you’ll likely get sunspots, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. On the other hand, if you spend too much time in the extreme cold, your skin will get dry, your lips will get chapped, and your skin can start peeling.

What you can do about it: Wear sunscreen! Even if it’s gloomy or it feels cold, the UV rays from the sun still penetrate the clouds and go straight to your skin. If you don’t feel like putting sunscreen all over your body, try to focus on your face and the body parts that are exposed.

During the cold seasons, try a moisturizer with SPF protection. Moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated so it won’t feel dry, itchy, and produce unwanted wrinkles.

4) Always Sleeping on the Same Side

Okay, now this one is tricky. It feels uncomfortable if we try a different sleeping position, but sleeping on the same side is actually bad for that side of the face. It creates unwanted wrinkles and aging lines.

What can you do about it: Try another sleeping position on your back or on the other side. If you can’t, try changing your sheets and pillowcases to silk. It’s said that silk provides less friction on your skin than the traditional cotton pillowcase. And an added bonus: silk can also prevent frizzy hair in the morning due to less friction.


Do you have other tips to prevent premature aging? Share them in the comments section below!


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