With all the time spent at home these days, I think it’s more important than ever to ensure that your place feels good. Feng Shui is different than decorating or making sure your space just looks good. It’s really all about making sure it feels good. We know rest is vital for our bodies and sleep can do wonders for our lives, so I wanted to share a few ways to Feng Shui your bedroom and boost energy to create a peaceful bedroom oasis. 

Technology Overhaul

Anything with active energy should really be far away from our bedrooms, where we want less activity (so we can slow down and feel rejuvenated, not drained). This includes TVs, phones, computers, iPads, apple watches…pagers? You get the idea. Anything electronic is going to take away from the serenity.

If you’re like me, you probably sleep with your phone near your bed, charging and waiting patiently to show you all your notifications first thing in the morning. This can be a hard habit to break, especially if you use your phone for an alarm or sound machine. You can find affordable options for both, and there are alarm clocks that wind up and don’t require electricity or batteries.

If you have a TV in your room that you can’t live without, it can be a good idea to unplug it when you go to sleep at night. The same goes for a computer. It can also help the energy of your bedroom to cover these items when you go to sleep. Some people simply cover them with a blanket but because I like to make things complicated and as chic as possible, I suggest using art or a cute screen. My desk is in my bedroom so I’ve been looking for a good folding screen that I can place in front of it at night. 

No Mirrors Please

While we’re on the topic of covering things…there are very specific guidelines on mirrors and where they should be placed when you Feng Shui your bedroom. Most people have a large mirror in their bedroom, either full length or over a dresser (I too love a good mirror). One of the main things is to not have the mirror facing the bed.

This can be difficult to employ because a lot of us don’t have huge bedrooms and if there’s a mirror, it’s often going to face the bed in some way. Again, you can follow the same rule as electronics and simply cover it when you go to sleep. (If you want to be creeped out you can go online and read about mirrors and how they may or may not be a portal to the other side and you may not want to look into a mirror at nighttime). If your room is large enough and there’s a way you can configure your furniture so the mirror is not facing the bed, that is ideal! 

Room to Breathe

In Feng Shui, a clean, clear, and uncluttered space is close to godliness. If there’s anywhere you want to be able to breathe easy, it’s your bedroom. Clutter isn’t ideal in any part of your home but if you want peaceful sleep, heaps of laundry or piles of bills are not going to help your mind slow down (they’ll just remind you late at night that you have laundry to fold and bills to pay).

Doing a clean sweep is probably the most important tip on this list of how to Feng Shui your bedroom, even if it means putting that laundry that needs to be folded in the closet and stuffing the bills in a drawer (not a drawer in the bedroom, energy doesn’t hide). If you have space under your bed it’s best to leave it open. In Feng Shui, they say air circulates around your bed while you’re sleeping and it can lead to stuck energy if there’s space under your bed. If you have a tiny space and need to store things there, then try and store soft items and nothing with too much energy (ie old photos, said bills).  Items like extra sheets, blankets, towels, and sweaters are ideal if you need to keep something there.

Command Position

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is usually the bed, and where you position it is important. Just like with mirrors, there are quite a few guidelines (I prefer to call them guidelines vs rules because Feng Shui can be confusing and overwhelming if you try to follow everything!)

The optimum position for your bed is called the command position and ideally you can see each door into your room from it. If the door into your room is behind you, it can create a sense of unease whereas if you can see the entry points your mind can rest a little better.

If possible, you also don’t want your feet lined up with a door (again, a lot of our bedrooms are small so we have to just do what we can) so preferably your bed would be against a wall and the foot of your bed would also face a wall. If your bed can only go one way and your feet do face a door, then it’s best to keep the door shut at night.

It’s also good Feng Shui to have a headboard, especially if your bed is in front of windows. A headboard helps anchor and ground, two things ideal for a good night’s rest. If you have a headboard, great! If you don’t you could get crafty and DIY one out of a piece of plywood or even get down with a staple gun, batting, and fabric for an upholstered look! 

Plus One Please

Last guideline for how to Feng Shui your bedroom: use two nightstands, I repeat two nightstands. This isn’t just about having things in pairs because it’s ideal for love, (but that is true – if you’re looking for love or want to ensure the love you have stays lovely, keep things in pairs!) its also about the flow of energy.

There’s a reason hotel rooms have large beds, comfy bedding, little visual clutter, and a good nightstand and lamp on each side of the bed – it makes you want to curl up and relax, and it feels really good. They don’t have to be matching and they don’t have to be fancy, if you already have a nightstand and lamp on one side and don’t feel like you need another, you could place a small stool on the opposite side with a small vase and fresh flowers.

If your bed is pushed up against the wall and there’s no other way to have it then you have a few options. You could try hanging a small floating shelf that can act as a nightstand (again a small vase with flowers would look great on it). If there’s no room you could also hang a piece of art to give the other side of the bed some love. If there happens to be a window on the wall that the bed is pushed against then maybe the small window ledge is just big enough for a book and a candle. 

Again, Feng Shui can feel like a lot of rules but the idea is to have fun and enjoy working with the energy of your space!

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