Want to crack a cold case open or just binge? Here are a few of our team’s favorite true crime podcasts!

In the Dark

Produced by American Public Media (APM), In the Dark is a unique podcast that really made an impact on its listeners when it followed the 27-year old murder case of 11-year old Jacob Wetterling from Minnesota. Episodes on how law enforcement authorities failed and mishandled the case of one of the most heinous child abductions in American history are thoroughly documented by APM reporter Madeleine Baran, gripping the nation with every account. The podcast also delves on the alleged wrongful conviction cases of Curtis Flowers who was tried six times for four murders despite some glaring evidence that Baran had uncovered. 

Serial Killers

Actor Greg Polcyn and voice actor Vanessa Richardson release fresh episodes every Monday and Thursday in this first-person point-of-view account of the most gruesome serial murder cases in history. Serial Killers combine genuine audio interviews with scripted lines to recreate a more dramatic and intimate telling of murder in audiobook style. But it’s not all just acting and storytelling, the podcast goes deeper into the psychology of its characters to reveal what goes on inside the minds of these monsters and their victims. 

My Favorite Murder

2016 saw the birth of another one-of-a-kind podcast that will make crime fans feel less weird about their fascination and more normal by how entertaining My Favorite Murder’s episodes are. With a dash of necessary humor to lighten things up, comedian hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark fulfill their listeners’ need for some true-crime info by discussing conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, and plenty of interesting cases to choose from.

Bear Brook

In 1985, the bodies of two murder victims were found stuffed in a barrel at the Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. 15 years later, two more female bodies were similarly found in the same park with the remains in their already decomposed skeletal form. This is the main focus of this well-told and classy podcast hosted by New Hampshire Public Radio’s Jason Moon who has been following the decades-long open case involving an adult and three children victims. 

 The Bear Brook podcast also gives listeners an in-depth view of the lives of the tireless law enforcement officers and investigators who for 20 years relentlessly followed the case which led to the arrest of Terrence Peder Rasmussen all thanks to the science of genetic genealogy– a forensic method that uses genealogical DNA to determine relationships. Bear Brook podcast’s awesome storytelling keeps its listeners at the edge of their seats, and its efficient investigative journalism certainly helped move the case in the right direction through helpful leads that finally tied loose ends in a two-decade-long case. Give this podcast a listen if you’re up for some gripping tale of family murder.  


This investigative podcast hosted by American Journalist Sarah Koenig came online in 2014 and has since made waves in the industry oftentimes being regarded as one of the premier channels that put podcasting into the mainstream. Koenig has followed celebrated cases including the 1999 murder of a Woodlawn High School girl, 18-year old Hae Min Lee which was later documented by HBO in its 2019 four-part series The Case Against Adnan Syed

By its next season, Serial focused on American Army soldier Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who was held captive by the Taliban in 2009 only to be accused of desertion upon returning to the US in 2014. The podcast has managed to keep listeners glued to their headphones for three seasons now with Koenig bringing her journalism expertise in Cleveland’s Justice Center Complex probing various cases that are currently being heard in the courthouse.  

Do you have more true-crime podcast suggestions we could listen to while we stay at home? Share them in the comments section below 🙂 If you want some entrepreneur-related podcasts, check them out here!

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