With the quarantine still going on, face masks are here to stay. Wearing a face mask covers 50% of your face makeup, which can make doing your full face of makeup a monotonous and difficult task. I know I miss being able to express myself with a bold lip or cute fake freckles and blushed skin, which means I’m relying a lot on eye makeup these days. But finding intricate and different ways to make your eye makeup looks stand out can be tiresome.

Below are some tips on how to spice things up in the eye makeup department while still looking like a baddie.


Neon and Fun Colored Liners

Neon and fun, crazy eye liners are fun yet easy to add into your makeup look to enhance whatever shadows you’re wearing. They can also be a bold statement by themselves when you want to do something simpler. You could easily do two different colors or a rainbow to express what you’re feeling that day. 

Products I Recommend:


BFF Liner ColourPop Cosmetics – $8

The BFF Liners by ColourPop are some of the best liners I’ve used at the price point they’re at. Not only do they stay all day long, but they also don’t smudge throughout the day or move. 

Vivid Brights Liner NYX – $7

These amazing, bright liners are a definite a must have for fun liner looks. I like the fact that they come in pastels when you’re feeling soft and intense colors when you want to stand out.

KVD Super Pomade – $20

Thousands of years ago I used these bad boys to fill in my eyebrows, used them as eyeliner, and could use them as a cream shadow as well. Being super diverse in shade range and usage is always a plus in my book!


Vibrant Eyeshadow Palettes

Vibrant and intense eyeshadow colors can be daunting and intimidating sometimes, but they’re definitely not the same 90s shadows we all love to ignore (i’m looking at you, frosted and unblended blue shadows). Vibrant shadows are definitely a way to leave a long and lasting impression. I love rocking a bold and fun pink eyeshadow look or going with a dark, sultry red look depending on how I’m feeling in the day. 

Products I Recommend:


Dream Big Collection Colourpop Cosmetics – $65

I recently just bought this entire palette collection. i’m so excited to play around with it and see what fun and exciting looks I can come up with. This collection features 6 themed palettes that are all centered around specific colors. 

The James Charles Palette Morphe- $39

I have played with the JC palette by morphe and it doesn’t mess around. The pigments in the shadows are intense yet easily blendable and buildable. It’s easily one of my favorite palettes that I’ve used. 


Bold Shapes and Patterns

While this option may not be for everyone, bold shapes and patterns can be sure to make your looks stand out. It can be as simple as a Twiggy inspired eye look or as intricate as drawing flowers with liquid liners. This idea is great for those who want to think outside of the box or are interested in tapping into their inner artist. 

Products I Recommend:

Precision Eyeliner Brush It Cosmetics: 

I really love this precision liner brush because it allows me to carve out any design I want with accuracy. With doing different intricate shapes and designs, this liner brush is a must have. 


Glitter, Glitter, and More Glitter

One thing I always use to make sure my eye look stands out is glitter. I don’t feel like my look is complete without a little glitter to make it shine. The great thing is, glitter can come in all shapes and sizes! For my lids, I love a good chunky glitter but in my inner corner, I prefer a finer glitter. Either on the inner corner, over my lid, or as a winged liner; glitter makes everything better.

Products I Recommend:


Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeliner NYX – $8

Glitter Goals is something I absolutely have to keep on hand. I think I’ve just about collected every single shade! This liner can be used to make fake glitter freckles with, use as a regular liner or can also be used to cover the entire eyelid with ease. 

Metallic Glitter NYX – $6.50

The metallic glitters from NYX are some of my favorite loose glitters. Ranging in a ton of shades, these loose glitters are great to apply truly anywhere. I, however, mainly use them on my lids. While they may be a bit messy to apply, what’s a little loose glitter going to do? 

Glitter Shot Smith and Cult – $22.00

Smith and Cult has become increasingly popular. I stumbled across these pressed glitters after taking a spin in my local Ulta and was immediately drawn to how beautiful they were. Not only were they beautiful in their casing, but they were SO glittery. I would use them to pop in your inner corner to give your look some pizzazz. 


Colored or White Mascara

Colored and white mascaras are something that walk the line of being a little weird. However, they can draw the focus of your makeup to your eyes almost immediately. They’re great for doing the bare minimum and just adding a little pop when you don’t feel like doing your makeup at all. 

Products I Recommend:


BFF Mascara Colourpop Cosmetics – $8

With 8 different shade ranges, this mascara is sure to bring a pop of vibrancy to your eye look. I bought my mom “True Coral” this past Christmas for a fun little stocking stuffer and she loved the subtle fun it brought to her makeup.

Worth the Hype NYX – $8.50

NYX never seems to disappoint when it comes to vibrant and crazy colored mascaras. Their blue shade is one that is a go to for me when I need something to spice up an eye makeup look. 


With all of these in mind, I know not everyone will love every idea to try out to make their looks stand out. Glitter can be a pain to get out of literally anything, mascaras will flake.. The most important thing to keep in mind during these hard times is to remember to have fun. If you decide to try any of the ideas mentioned above, be sure to post a photo on insta and tag us! 



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