The idea of discovering your life purpose may seem pretty daunting. It can easily bring on anxiety over feeling like we don’t have one, or we’re not following the right one, or thinking everyone else but us has discovered theirs. The good news is, various studies have found that people live longer and feel happier when they’re connected to purpose. The studies don’t say it has to be your life’s purpose, or your only purpose, or even a purpose that looks good on social media or will make your parents proud! If you’ve been feeling purposeless, the good news is you can stop obsessing and just start somewhere small. I’m going to talk about how having a purpose is related to your overall wellbeing and how your astrological midheaven sign can help you align with it. 


“Your reason for being”

Your reason for being could be as simple as doing activities that bring you joy. In Japan, the word “Ikigai” translates to the idea of “a reason for being” or “a reason to live.” If you’ve heard of Blue Zones then you know they’re areas of the world where people live much longer and healthier lives than global averages. Okinawa, Japan is one of the 7 recognized Blue Zones in the world. Along with healthy eating and a strong sense of community, their value placed on purpose may also be helping them live long and healthy lives.

One of the things I enjoyed learning about “Ikigai” is that it’s associated with doing activities that bring us joy and things we already like to do! According to this practice, we don’t have to force ourselves to follow a certain path or go seek out some deep life purpose. The key to feeling purposeful, happy, and healthy is to just follow our own natural bend and do activities that bring us joy. Maybe you’re thinking… ok so basically I just need to do things that bring me joy…but what about a little thing called work? Or responsibilities? Another interesting tidbit is that they don’t have a word for retirement in Japan. Ikigai and living purposefully in Japan are tied to the idea that our daily life and regular activities can connect us to joy.

In a way, it’s similar to the idea of Hygge in Danish culture. If you’re familiar with it (it’s been kind of a hot topic) it can be easy to assume it just means a cozy lifestyle and little midday sweet treats. But Hygge is also related to the practice of finding small contentments throughout our day to connect to joy and enhance wellbeing. 


Your Midheaven Sign can point you to your purpose

Now that we know having a purpose can help us live longer, feel more connected to joy, and make work and daily responsibilities feel like less of a burden, let’s talk about what your Midheaven points to in astrology. Found in your 10th house, your Midheaven sign (abbreviated in astrology to MC) is an angle of your birth chart and represents the sign that was overhead when you were born. Oftentimes the Midheaven is used to point to what career path is best for you because it relates to our life path and reputation.

There are so many different placements that make up a birth chart. Our sun, moon, and rising signs are really just pieces of the puzzle. It can be so easy to compare our journey to someone else’s but what makes them feel like getting up in the morning is most likely vastly different than what makes you feel alive.

Our Midheaven represents what we want to achieve in life and what makes us feel successful. Because we live in a society that places a lot of emphasis on career, it makes sense that the MC is often associated with it. But our achievements and successes don’t have to be strictly things that make us money. Discovering your Midheaven placement can be an empowering way to work with your natural desires and focus on the things that will make you feel connected to your purpose! Here are a few notes for each placement and what it may mean for you if your Midheaven is in:



Aries are confident, natural-born leaders, and their fiery nature and drive ensures people want to follow them. A great way for a person with an MC in Aries to connect to purpose could be to volunteer with an organization that needs someone unafraid to take on a big project. 



Known for being steadfast and stable, if your midheaven sign falls in the sign of Taurus, part of your life path is connected to feeling grounded. Embracing daily routines that add beauty to your life, like finally making time for your creative hobbies, will help you feel purposeful. 



Geminis love learning and communicating, so an MC in this sign points to a life path connected to both. Your reputation may be associated with a way you communicate about things you’ve devoted time to learning. Having a personal blog where you share this information would help someone with this placement feel aligned. 



This water sign is tied to maternal energy, and a Cancer MC points to someone who wants to nurture and feel connected to something. This could be anything where they feel appreciated for their intuitive and helpful nature. Finding ways to do small acts of care for others (while still honoring their own boundaries) will make them feel successful. 



A Midheaven sign in Leo could mean someone is destined for fame or public recognition. It could be easy to assume this means you have to drop everything and try and make it big in order to feel accomplished, but you could also look for ways right where you are. You could try out for a local play or help plan a local fundraiser as ways to showcase yourself to the public. 



This placement gives someone exceptional attention to detail and makes them great at problem solving. They usually enjoy bringing order to their lives and helping others bring order to theirs. Being of service and using one of their natural skills to help someone else complete a task is a way for them to feel like they’re contributing to the greater good. 



Libra is associated with relationships and partnerships, and they love creating harmony. An MC in Libra could mean someone will feel a sense of purpose by ensuring they have strong relationships in their life and by making time for them. Having set dates during the week to have coffee with a friend or a date night with a partner will help them connect to purpose and foster wellbeing. 



The sign of Scorpio is related to life’s mysteries and occultism. An MC here will manifest as a person that wants to go deep and discover things most people shy away from. In order for them to feel satisfied in life, they’ll want to make sure they find an outlet for this desire. An example could be taking classes on strengthening psychic ability, or giving themselves time to research the corners of the internet on a topic they’re fascinated with. 



Wanderlust fuels this midheaven sign placement and they most likely feel strong urges for travel and freedom. Finding ways to embrace this part of you even with responsibilities and travel restrictions will feel empowering. Taking an online class where you learn about another culture or another language could be a satisfying way to feel connected to your desire and prepare for the next time you are able to travel.  



Feeling respected and leaving a lasting impact are ways someone with a Capricorn MC align with their life path. Often this placement does point to a person with big career aspirations. Their career may be something that gives them a deep sense of purpose. If you’re looking for ways to find purpose outside of work, try something new. Go in the complete opposite direction. Give yourself permission to do something that’s just purely fun. 



Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac and they love connection. They feel purposeful and alive when they’re part of a group that’s working towards a common goal. With an MC here, a person could feel fulfilled by joining a non-profit organization or something dedicated to bettering the community.  



This MC placement lends itself to someone full of compassion and a strong intuition. They possess a keen inner knowing about who they are and what their purpose is. They aren’t as distracted by how others view their outward reputation. Practicing their own version of spirituality and connecting to the dreamier sides of life connects them to their path. 


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