Holidays certainly looks different this time of year because of this pandemic. Whether you are doing your part to social distance or avoiding traveling this season, virtual Holiday parties are the next best thing to stay connected with your family while being apart. 

By now, most people are no stranger to online parties. You might even be invited to several this holiday season for work or to hang out with family. To avoid Zoom technical problems and make your party stand out from the rest of the family, make sure your party has virtual Holiday essentials like colorful backgrounds, gift favors that makes everyone feel welcomed, activities for everyone to participate, and a fun dress code giving everyone an excuse to wear some of their best outfits. 

Throwing a virtual holiday party may require the same amount of planning as in-person holidays, but no need to worry. Taking the time to incorporate significant details and activities can go a long way to make your holiday party one to remember. Here are some family-friendly ideas for the best virtual holiday party for any age! 


A Glimpse into the the Past

Ask everyone to send photos in from past holidays. Each family member can take turns sharing their photos on Zoom and talk about the memories of the photos. If you have older family members, they can hold up their printed pictures and still share the memories of the photos. It’s a great way to remember what family is all about and get a glimpse into the past. To be a bit more creative, have your family members send in the picture beforehand and make a slideshow of all the fun memories. Remind them that they will be together soon again! 


Holiday Dinner

Make it a casual holiday dinner of some of your favorite meals to cook. Set up a video chat on Google Hangouts or Zoom to share with your family members of how you are preparing the meal.  You can see the chat set up all while you are cooking and showing the meal. You can each take turns sharing some cooking techniques. When it’s finally prepared, schedule another call to show off your final dishes and enjoy them together. 


Holiday Crafting

This is for the little ones who can’t stay still. Have one of your family members do a Zoom tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes or DIY Christmas tree ornaments. It just takes a quick Pinterest search for “Holiday Crafts 2020” to give you plenty of ideas to get started. Maybe even if you want to go a little further, try to make a gingerbread house with the kids. Just make sure you have all the ingredients beforehand!


Family Movie Night

You can choose one family member to pick out a movie that everyone can watch together. You can use the screenshare feature on Zoom so that everyone can watch it together. If you want the adults to watch a movie together, assign a teenager to pick a movie for the kids. That way they are having their own movie night without disrupting the adults. It’s a great way to make a new family tradition. Netflix and Hulu has a great choice of family holiday movies to choose from. Make it a holiday weekend event to spend time with your family! 


Game Night

There are so many online games out there to play! Pick a family-friendly game you can play online together, like charades, cards, or Uno. You can even create teams to make sure everyone participates. You can send your family some fun creative games in advance so you can all participate together on the call. You can create a virtual game box that has amazing games to play. It’s also a great way to see which family member is truly competitive. Maybe create a fun prize for them to win to raise the stakes! The winner with the most points out of the family members wins a prize or fun dessert that can be delivered to their homes. 


Family Holiday PJ’s Party

Just because you aren’t celebrating in-person doesn’t mean you can’t throw a holiday pajama party! Have everyone dress in their favorite holiday-themed pajamas before the party and ask them to send in pictures ahead of time. Once everyone sends them in, have a vote! The members with the most creative pair of PJs wins! You could also switch out the pjs for ugly sweaters!


Holiday Story Time

The little ones can’t be up all night for this party, so ask a relative to read holiday-themed books to the younger children. You can even ask the younger children to pick out the books beforehand. Have a limit of how many books the family member can read and maybe encourage one of the younger children to read the book if they can to the others. 

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