Hey y’all. Let’s talk about the morning after… the morning after a night out to be precise. If you’re like me and enjoy partaking in a good ol’ alcohol-fueled GNO with your besties but can’t stand the absolute horror of nursing a hangover the morning after, this one’s for you.

Hangovers happen more often than not after a night of drinking. Whether you have a couple glasses of wine or down  a few rounds of shots, you’re likely to experience the classic symptoms of a hangover as soon as you wake up the next day. The headache, sluggishness, dehydration, and queasy stomach are bound to set you back a few hours right as you remember that your drunk self committed to an 8am hike the night before.

There are two ways to prevent a hangover. The first –– apologies for being Captain Obvious –– is to abstain from drinking. While this may be hard to stomach, it’s the only real way to prevent the all too dreadful morning after woes. The second, for the nights where you don’t really feel like missing out on  cocktails with friends, is to stay hydrated. The best way to do this is to simply order a glass of water in between drinks. I’ve tried this myself and have found that I’m in way less pain the following day. Plus, drinking more water has never been a bad thing.

If you completely space on the water trick, don’t worry. We have some tried and true hangover cures for you to experiment with after your next night out. Let us know if any in particular work for you in the comments section below 😉

TBN’s Hangover Cures

Mexican Coke

Forget about calories and sugar just this once. We can all agree that Mexican Coke is more delicious than the canned stuff we get here in the U.S. Mexican Coke also comes in that cute glass bottle that can double as a flower vase. Here’s why this yummy soda helps with that inevitable post-party headache:

  • This undercover hangover cure is known as “The Black Doctor” since it has the perfect combination of fizziness to settle your stomach and caffeine to help wake you up.
  • Mexican Coke gets the job done because it contains natural cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.
  • It’s the only legit excuse to drink Coke…

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup is not only good for the soul, it’s also great for your stomach after a night on the town. What more could you ask for when you’re experiencing the pain of a hangover than a warm bowl of comfort and sustenance. It’s easy to make (especially if it comes in a can) and can reverse your hangover in a short amount of time:

  • Not only is it delicious and conventional, chicken noodle soup has the perfect combination of sodium (which helps with rehydrating) and comfort (what you most definitely need when you’re nursing a bad hangover).
  • Chicken is protein and also contains B vitamins which help with liver detoxification.

Activated Charcoal

Once upon a time, a close friend of mine bragged about how taking an activated charcoal pill zapped her hangover immediately. The pill looks exactly like how you’d imagine: black powder in a capsule. I was skeptical at the first thought of trying one of these black pills as a hangover remedy; what exactly happens when the charcoal hits my stomach? Will it burn a hole in my stomach lining? Turns out that activated charcoal is safe in small doses (like the amount contained in that little capsule) and has some real benefits:

  • There are no scientific claims that activated charcoal helps in curing hangovers, but it has been known to aid in purging toxins from the body.
  • Activated charcoal gets the job done by binding to, absorbing, and removing toxic substances.
  • Activated charcoal is also known to whiten teeth, help with detoxifying your GI tract, and is a great ingredient for healthy skin.

Greasy Food

Ah, my favorite hangover cure. You may want to skip this one if you’re experiencing a queasy stomach. If you’re just dealing with a headache and any of the other usual symptoms, a good dose of fast food does the trick like no other. My go to is a burger and fries (shout out to In-n-Out) or a traditional diner breakfast (specifically @ Swingers Diner). Here’s why you should try this yummy remedy:

  • While grease doesn’t have a direct correlation to curing your hangover, it most definitely helps ease the pain caused by dehydration. Make sure to enjoy your grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and/or french fries with a large glass of water and you’re golden.
  • Hangovers can cause your blood sugar levels to drop. A carb heavy meal can help with this as carbohydrates (once digested) turn into sugar. Pure science!
  • Greasy food can also be a preventative method if you’re in the mood to consume a heavy meal before going out. The fat and oil in your meal will coat your stomach, effectively slowing down alcohol absorption.


Nuun is an incredibly cheap option to cure your morning woes. The cute packaging may not scream “hangover cure!!!”, but the contents of these tablets will definitely solve your morning after issues:

  • Nuun is marketed towards athletes and people who work out as it helps dehydration issues. The site claims that “Nuun hydrates better than water alone”!
  • The hydrating factor of Nuun is perfect for aiding your hangover. It also has electrolytes. It’s essentially a bottle of Pedialyte in a tablet.
  • Nuun is gluten-free, soy free and only has 1 gram of sugar for those of you concerned about the “healthy” factor.

Bottom line: hangovers suck. There is no actual “cure” but if you don’t want to quit alcohol, you’re just gonna have to make H20 your best friend while partaking in libations. Otherwise, try one (or all) of our hangover cures and you’ll most definitely feel better than you did upon waking. Cheers to that!

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