After matching with a young man on Hinge and discussing in great length what our favorite scents and smells were when it came to cologne and perfumes, I decided to check out one of my favorite perfume brand’s website to see if they had anything new launching for the holiday months. Bryedo has become my favorite brand not only because of it’s lavish aromatic scents, but they are also considered an underdog in the beauty industry due to having such a limited collection.

To my surprise, I learned that they had recently launched a makeup line in collaboration with beauty executive, Isamaya Ffrench. Knowing that she has worked for major publications such as Vogue and Dazed, as well as with stars like Bjork, Rihanna, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, I was super stoked to see what the collection and ad campaign had in store.


The Good

Before I go into serious detail about all of the massive amounts of issues that I have with this launch, I wanted to focus on some of the things I loved. For one, I did enjoy the creativity and versatility of their products. Their color sticks can be used for virtually anything and are safe to be used on the eyes and lips. This really sticks out to me because while the collection is still developing, their products can be used in multiple places for multiple things.

The brand also lists on their website that all of the products in their line are buildable for those who are looking for fuller coverage, but they also allow for those who want subtlety to have a go-to product as well. They are also similarly priced with lines such as Tom Ford, Dior, and many other high-end beauty lines. Their color range also reminds me of the early 90s, which is the look they were going for with their ad campaign. Even though the majority of the ad campaign was done poorly, some of the editorialized looks their team accomplished weren’t terrible. Boring? Maybe. However, the few that stood out to be decent didn’t meet the mark for innovative.  

The Bad

While I wanted to like this collection, the ad campaign for these products completely ruined it for me. After finding out that this launch had been in the works for over two years, I was appalled and astonished that the company and Ms.Ffrench would allow such novice and sloppy work to be displayed so proudly.

Knowing that the look and vibe they were going for was more of an “editorial” and “avant garde” style, I browsed through their website and social media pages to see if my initial reaction was due to having some unfamiliarity with said styles. However, I was disappointed with more and more that I stumbled upon.

The application of the makeup seemed like a 12 year old girl from the early 2000s received her first makeup collection from Walmart and went crazy with applicator sponges. It brought me back to the days where we all wore glittery blue eyeshadow. Blending also did not seem to remotely be a thought with every video and photo I saw. The makeup application itself was one thing that bothered me, but the way the photos were oversaturated and novice-looking really threw me for a loop. Being known for such high end perfumes, I was expecting a lot more than what they ended up creating. 

The Ugly

Where do I even begin? Looking at the photos of the collection on the models, I was less than impressed. Especially with how they presented different looks on black POC. It all left a rather overly sour taste in my mouth.

Every lip color looked like it hadn’t been applied evenly and had a splotchy, textured look to it. One photo that was used specifically to show off their lipsticks was confusing to look at because the application of orange tones around the models temples and cheeks made it distracting. I had to remind myself multiple times that it was being used to showcase their lipstick collection.

While their color sticks are meant to be applied anywhere and everywhere you so please, the consistency looks oily and off-putting. I loved seeing diversity in models both in skin tone and size, but I was not thrilled with how the collection was applied on black POC. It seemed to drown out and mute their skin tone and made them look sickly. With Ms.Ffrench being such a well-diversed makeup artist, I was appalled that she deemed these looks acceptable. Overall, the entire collection seemed subpar at best. Even though I wanted to like it, the ad campaign itself truly ruined the collection for me. 


With Byredo being such a high-end and well-respected brand for only being around for roughly two years and Ms.Ffrench being a well rounded and experienced makeup artist, I was truly let down with what was presented. This brand had ample access to not only quality materials and models, but they had the opportunity to show the world that the underdogs could come up on top yet again with an exclusive launch that couldn’t seem to stay in stock. With all these opportunities presented to them, they still came up with a lackluster line.

While I do wish to try the products themselves to see if the ad campaign was truly the culprit in what caused me to have such an adverse reaction to the launch, I simply can’t bring myself to purchasing products that don’t bring my brain some sort of joy. Interestingly enough, true Byredo aficionados are taking to social media platforms to express their enthusiasm for the launch. That, in itself, shows that even if something may not be well perceived by the general public, people will still continuously show support and love to brands they wholeheartedly believe in. 

TBN, delivered.

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