Starting your morning off right with good coffee can make your day ten times better. Local coffee shops tend to offer high-quality product, good vibes, and clear passion that’s not easily felt from multinational coffee chains. As we continue to truck through a global pandemic—when small businesses need our support more than ever—and multi-national chains like Starbucks receive backlash for their response to Black Lives Matter, why not grab your morning caffeine from a local, black-owned coffee shop? These shops across the country serve as neighborhood favorites for coffee and food, and some even sell flowers, books, records, and apparel. To all you coffee shop enthusiasts, consider yourselves a new regular. For those looking to support local coffee shops amid the Starbucks backlash, below is a list of some of the best black-owned coffee shops in Texas.


Kaffeine Coffee Internet & Office Cafe – Houston, Texas


Kaffeine Coffee specializes in premium coffee, teas and signature beverages. This coffee spot is great for studying or catching up with friends, and it has comfortable seating with tons of couches and tables. The coffee is delicious and there are amazing snacks too: fresh made artisan sandwiches made daily, homemade smoothies, and custom desserts! The atmosphere is warm and unique. They offer off-site catering services for nearby offices for breakfast and lunch, as well as group reservations for in-house.


Abol Ethiopian Coffee Shop – Austin, Texas


Black-owned coffee shops in Texas

A great place to sit back, relax and enjoy a light snack or a hot drink as you watch things go by. From great quality coffee, a wide range of teas and a selection of delicious pastries, cakes and bakes, it’s easy to spend an hour or two. It really is the perfect pit stop to refuel and refresh. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the friendly and welcoming Abol Coffee shop staff, so if you have questions, contact them through our booking form.


Black Coffee FW – Fort Worth, Texas


Black Coffee, an award-winning coffee shop, is here to serve Fort Worth with a location near Texas Wesleyan University. The brand’s motto is “exclusive Eastside culture + unbeatable coffee.” They offer a constantly changing menu, a smorgasbord of single-origin coffees, blends, and roast levels. 

“Black Coffee is upping the scene of artisan coffee roasts in East Fort Worth. We specialize in interfusing global flavors into our very own craft beverages.” – Mia, owner of Black Coffee


Cafeza– Houston, Texas


Black-owned coffee shops in Texas

Imagine yourself sipping a cup of artisan coffee, enjoying homemade churros and chocolate, and sampling an assortment of tapas or street-style tacos, as a steady flow of easy rhythms and the pleasant buzz of laughter and conversation float around you.That’s Cafeza Coffee. Cafeza wants to create a unique place for people to come and forget about the stress of the day, and simply slow down and enjoy themselves. Music is ever present, and evenings feature performances by local musicians.


Coffee and Cake Cafe – Houston, Texas


Coffee and Cake Cafe was birthed to offer a quality coffee house experience unique to the area, while providing second chance employment opportunities. Their overall goal is to offer transition employment to formerly incarcerated adults and support their successful reentry to society. Freshly baked cookies, coffee, a strong mission, and good company… what more could you ask for?


Throughgood Coffee – Houston, Texas


black owned coffee shops in texas

Thoroughgood Cafe serves with an emphasis on artistry and excellence. They’ll brew you an amazing cup of coffee and serve food in a room where the warm sounds of vinyl and the beauty of visual art gently intersect to create an environment where good happens. Their unique blend of coffee experts, artists, writers, bakers, chefs, scholars, and craftspersons create a better world through the provision of great coffee. Although you may want to try them after this, they are unfortunately closed for the summer.


Wisdom Bakery and Cafe– Spring, Texas


Wisdom was established with the purpose of producing most of your baked goods plant based & dairy free. Yes, plant-based, cruelty-free, amazing deliciousness! Wisdom’s team can “veganize” any traditional recipe and make a delicious plant-based replica. Wisdom is a place to be yourself without any judgement! Whether you’re on a plant based diet or not, come on down to this amazing black-owned coffee shop in Texas to enjoy a treat made from scratch with love.


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