I recently got into the habit of drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) and now cannot go a morning without it. My usual routine involves putting on a kettle of water to boil and then filling half of my 32 oz. mason jar with half boiling water and half water from my Brita filter (this is to achieve the perfect temp without having to microwave). At this point, I reach for my gallon jug of Braggs and add a splash of ACV to my jar full of hot water.

There are countless benefits to adopting this as part of your routine. Whether you take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning, or sprinkle ACV on your lunchtime salad, here are some great reasons for you to start this magic detox ingredient.


Helps Boost Energy

ACV is the perfect way to get a boost of energy in the morning — especially if you get into the habit of drinking it as part of your morning routine. The amino acids and potassium in ACV help contribute to a bump in energy when you most need it. Try skipping the coffee one morning and opt for some ACV diluted in a glass of water instead!


Good for Your Gut

Outside of being a savior for an upset stomach, ACV is basically a probiotic which means that it contains bacteria, great for gut health. It’s crucial to purchase ACV that contains the ‘mother’ — this is the stuff you see floating around which happens to be a boatload of enzymes, proteins, and probiotics.


Controls Candida

Candida is the fungus that causes yeast infections, and if you’re one of the lucky few who have had a yeast infection, ACV is something that you should most definitely work into your diet. The acetic acid in ACV helps curb candida and can also replace it with good bacteria. YI’s be gone!


Works Well for Weight Management

There are many resources that claim that ACV aids in weight loss but that’s not an entirely true statement. ACV promotes healthy blood sugar levels which means that it can also help you with maintaining a healthy weight. When consumed, it can also help make you feel more full, which of course helps with impulse snacking 😉


Improves Skin

There was a period of time when I was experimenting with a bunch of different skincare products. Instead of getting the clear and glowing skin that was promised to me by the plethora of brands I was testing out, I experienced the worst acne I’ve had to date. I did a ton of research about natural acne remedies and ACV happened to stand out as my best option of healing the mayhem on my face. I created a simple ACV toner with 1 part ACV and 2 parts filtered water and applied to my face via cotton swab every night. The toner not only helped heal my acne, but also reduced the scarring I had as well!

TBN, delivered.

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