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Amanda Sevilla, RDN

Nutrition/Veganism/Intuitive Eating

Amanda Sevilla, RDN, RYT-500 is a registered dietitian and yoga teacher, with a special focus on plant-based nutrition. She currently works as a clinical dietitian, freelance writer, fitness challenge nutrition coach, and yoga/meditation instructor.

Kelly Elizabeth

Mental Health

Kelly Elizabeth an empowerment and style coach. She is passionate about helping people cultivate their confidence, self love, and voice in the world. Kelly has a bachelors in fashion and a masters of divinity.

Anna Dimmel


Anna is a Kansas City-based freelance writer. Her favorite thing is to sit on a couch and talk for hours about love, life, and everything in between. A passionate listener and spiritual guide, she has been helping others navigate life’s ups and downs for over 10 years.

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Jamie Rose


Jamie Clinton is currently an organizer with Planned Parenthood in Florida where she helps mobilize volunteers to protect reproductive rights, but she has three things she’s really passionate about: Mental health, Sex education, and Board games.

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