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Nothing says self-care like the ten to fifteen minutes of sheet masking, but is this single-use product good for the environment? Read below to know more.

Sheet masks exploded in the last few years thanks to the rise of K-beauty. A sheet mask is essentially soaked in essence or serum. It works by shielding your face from external aggravators while the treatment sinks into your skin. One sheet mask can cost as low as $1 per mask, or as high as $20 per mask, and there are a ton of different brands on the market. 

If you’re wondering how eco-friendly these single-use products are, the short answer is: some are, but not all of them. Here’s why.

Most sheet masks are made with 100% cotton, but this doesn’t mean they’re automatically biodegradable. Sheet masks are drenched in formulas composed of ingredients that may make it difficult for the material to decompose. If the formula contains a high percentage of synthetic polymers like silicones and thickeners, composting may not be an option regardless of what the mask is made of.

The packaging is not always as environmentally friendly as well. Sheet masks are typically wrapped individually for hygiene purposes. (Plus, it keeps the mask from fusing with the other masks.)

Most sheet masks are packaged in a combination of aluminum and plastic, which your local facility may not be able to recycle. In that case, they may just get tossed to the landfills, where they will take years to decompose (or not). 

This doesn’t mean all sheet masks are bad for the environment. There is constant push for innovation in the industry, and there are ways to minimize waste without your masking addiction taking a hit.

For example, you can cut down individual packaging waste by buying dry cotton masks in bulk and soaking them in your serum or essence of choice instead. You may also opt for masks sold in packs, or simply just cut down your sheet mask hoarding and save them for special occasions instead.

Plenty of brands offer the same formulas in a bottle that you can use in your everyday routine. Responsible consumption doesn’t have to impede the personal joy of sheet masking. 

3 Environmentally-Friendly Sheet Masks:
  1. A’Pieu Hyaluthione Soonsoo Daily Mask
  2. The Body Shop Seaweed Sheet Mask
  3. Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask

How do you practice environmental awareness in your skincare? Let us know in the comments!


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