This year has definitely brought a lot of change. Many people have had to completely rework their home life to fit all kinds of things, including work and school. We spend a lot of time at work and a lot of people are used to having clear work and home boundaries. Students are also used to having designated spaces for school and studying. But this year that’s all happening at home. Maybe you have a whole room dedicated to a home office or just a small corner of your bedroom. Or maybe you have no room for a desk at all. It’s still possible to create a workspace, because the size of the space is less important than the functionality. I’m going to share 5 different home office style ideas to help you ensure your workspace is set up in the best way to optimize work time.

If you don’t work from home or if you have a career where you don’t take work home, it’s still nice to have a space for paying bills, making lists (or maybe that’s just the list-loving Virgo in me), and working on dreams. Carving out space in our home where we can focus and dedicate time to getting things done, and then switch gears and enjoy home time, is more important than ever.

I work from home as an interior stylist and am somewhat ashamed to admit that the corner of my bedroom that I use as a workspace needs a little design inspiration. I love seeing the different and unique ways people create workspaces. Some desks are dark and moody, others are covered with art supplies and clippings. While others are a minimalist vision with a single MacBook and bullet journal.

All of this got me thinking about what kind of workspace will make me happiest to sit at for hours each day, what will help me get into the creative zone? I like to say “my head says minimalism but my heart says maximalism” because I crave a clean organized space as much as I want apothecary drawers with plants spilling out and beautiful trinkets displayed everywhere. I imagine I can’t be the only person who is unsure of their workspace style. 

I rounded up 5 different workspaces that I think show a wide array of styles and innovative ways to set up a workspace no matter the size. These aren’t categorized by actual career, but more so style, so read on to see what sounds most like you! 

The Remote Minimalist 

Like the name suggests, this is perfect if you’re mobile, mostly just need your laptop, and love to work at different places. This is also ideal if you have a small space. Instead of a traditional desk, try a floating shelf! Adding a chair makes it an instant workspace and keeps it simple. 

The Writer

Ideal for the person who needs a little extra storage for books and papers. A desk with storage is a must, and floating shelves make use of vertical space. If you need a quiet space for deep thinking, then using a corner can create a cozy feel. A dark accent wall not only makes a statement but can feel more inviting than staring at a white wall.

The Artist

A space for work and play, this home office idea is for the person that could benefit from a table in place of a desk. Large surface space is great for spreading out and working on projects. It also provides lots of room for vases with flowers, beautiful trinkets, and items that spark inspiration. This workspace could be anywhere in your home and would be ideal next to a beautiful window!

Boss All Day

A comfortable chair is the staple of this workspace because this person spends a lot of time sitting and getting stuff done. Organization is key because they need to stay on task, so hidden drawers ensure the space stays tidy and a bulletin board can help keep track of a busy calendar. A wall for proudly displaying past projects can be a great way to stay motivated!

The Creative Innovator

A blend of a few different styles, this person also needs a comfortable chair but requires flexibility with their space to accomplish a multitude of tasks. Extra space for another person to sit can be a necessity for in-person collaborations and presentations. Like the writer, they need some storage and like the artist, they need items that spark inspiration. This space should be able to be changed around frequently to welcome fresh new ideas. 

And if you’re not ready for an at-home office makeover…

There’s no research or science to back any of this up (unless you count my excessive Pinterest scrolling as research) and you might find a little bit of all of these in your own personal style! If you currently work a job you don’t like (or two) and you’re working tons of hours and are too tired to give any of this a second thought, the good news is that’s ok.

I’m passionate about interior design and believe we all deserve space to relax and be ourselves and live full lives in. But I also know this isn’t always a necessity and it takes money (even if you’re mostly thrifting). If you’re working a ton and living in a small or shared space, you still deserve time for your own dreams. Sometimes a designated space can help us get into the zone. You could still brainstorm some home office ideas and try setting up a small corner with things that inspire you, or use a tray as a “moveable desk.” Your workspace doesn’t even have to be “work” related. it can be where you create art for fun, write poetry just for pleasure, or a place to organize your bills and budget. The idea is to have a designated spot where you can give those things time.

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