How do I stay motivated during a pandemic when I don’t feel like my career has much direction?

-Angie C.


Wow wow wow- Dear Angie,

You are speaking to the masses! It is difficult to stay motivated even when you are excited for your career and super focused in this day in age. It has been a really long long long 10 months living with and adjusting to a very significant paradigm shift. 

So, first things first, giving yourself compassion is important and will even help you move through all of this with a greater sense of clarity. Also- because of the way  this pandemic has slowed down virtually everything, it may have caused you to take notice of your discontent in your career sooner than you may have had it not been for good ol’ Covid 19.

This is a really special time to get curious. A great way to cultivate motivation is to tap into some creativity. What makes you feel really awesome… painting, writing, dancing, reading… carve out pockets of time to  make these things a priority. Make it a date for yourself. Gifting yourself with these things reminds you who you are. Once you have had a little time to connect to yourself, you can  approach your career with that same curiosity. What do you desire to do? What are you passionate about? What would give your career trajectory more direction?

Rather than placing your energy into grappling with the abyss of the unknown ( way easier said than done, I know), take that energy and place it into connecting to yourself and carving out space for the things that make you feel like you. This is the very thing that will give you the clarity you need.

Godspeed my friend!



Kelly Elizabeth

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