The merriest time of the year is here once again, and most of us are of course looking forward to countless parties and celebrations with overflowing booze!

Whether you’re planning to get buzzed on alcohol until the holiday lights are gone or not, here’s the piece of advice you’ll definitely thank us for:

Know about your choice of drink so that you don’t end up with instant skin emergencies, breakouts when you wake up in the morning, or long-term skin concerns. 

Below we explain which drinks you have to avoid and which ones you’re allowed to enjoy until the early morning hours! Remember, with great holiday parties comes great beauty responsibility.

1. Clear Shots (Tequila, Gin, Vodka)

Studies reveal that alcohol becomes our skin enemy depending on the amount of salt and sugar it has in it.

Clear liquors like tequila, gin, and vodka have less salt and sugar as compared to its counterparts, so it’s less likely to trigger skin inflammation and breakouts.

This set is your best bet to drink for sure––but if you don’t want to suffer major headaches the following day, avoid slamming shots of these drinks all night long!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

2. Dark Shots (Rum, Whiskey)

Same with its clear counterparts, dark liquors like rum and whiskey are also low in salt, sugar, and other additives that may be harmful to the skin.

But here’s the same warning: these drinks contain congeners, which are known causes of really bad hangovers… giving you an even worse look in the morning!

Plus there are some accounts that say that the excess impurities of congeners contribute to more skin aging (although this is yet to be scientifically proven).

3. Brandy

If you usually enjoy a snifter of brandy, you’ll be happy to know that this digestif helps reduce the amount of negative cholesterol in the heart!

At the same time it prevents signs of skin aging. But just like any alcoholic beverage (good for the skin or not), remember to drink your brandy in moderation.

4. Beer

While beer contains some salt, it also contains antioxidants and anti-aging benefits (cheers to that, beer lovers!).

And because it has less alcohol content than spirits, people drink it slower, which creates a lesser dehydrating effect than other more potent forms.

But also take note, too much beer can cause swollen eyes the following morning––which we definitely don’t like for Christmas morning! 

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

5. White Wine

Most of us have probably experienced that pounding headache brought on by a night of overflowing white wine.

And although it tastes delicious (and holding a glass of it makes us look posh), white wine doesn’t do favors for your skin.

You should also avoid it if you’re on a diet, because it can drive you extra hungry. Oh, and here’s the worst part—it leads to swollen skin and bloating.

6. Mojitos and Sweet Mixed Drinks

Sugar anywhere in the diet is pretty bad, which makes these classic cocktails some of the top drinks to avoid.

Mojitos and sweet mixed drinks are (obviously) loaded with sugar that can potentially spike your insulin levels, therefore causing acne.

These drinks are also culprits of increased skin aging. Not to mention, too much of it can give you sallow skin and bloodshot eyes in the morning.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

7. Margaritas

We all enjoy sipping a frozen margarita from time to time.

But by now we realize that a margarita serves up a double whammy due to two of its primary contents––sugar and salt.

It pains us to tell you that margaritas can cause that puffy-faced look we often associate with a hangover. Plus, it evidently contributes to increased skin aging.

8. Red Wine

Red wine lovers like us are often told that its antioxidant content helps in counteracting the aging process.

But to those with rosacea (a skin condition in which blood vessels enlarge, resulting in flushed appearance), red wine is the most harmful drink.

Its histamine release in some people leads to increased flushing and a more intense hangover. We understand how you’re feeling right now––our hearts are broken too.

What do you think about this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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