The season for making the most out of our remaining paid vacation time has finally come!

It’s the perfect time to head out and take those gorgeous vacation photos, whether it’s on the beach or in the snow. Trekking in the mountains or exploring the woods, exploring a temple or walking on a busy sidewalk.

The possibilities are endless.

The question is: have you planned your getaway yet? It’s great if you already have, because after all the planning, booking, and reservations come the messiest part: packing for the actual trip.

To help you out, here are a few hacks that will make your packing experience an easier task (and which will help ensure you don’t bring your whole closet with you!):

  1. Limit yourself to one full outfit per day

Plan carefully, and when you do, keep in mind that you should be going with the basic colors, designs, and styles, which you can reuse, mix and match for the rest of your trip––no one would notice, we promise!

Also remember that shoes matter, too! And they could be heavy and space-taking as well. So choose a pair that would match all your outfits. Better yet, bring light pairs.

2. Schedule your clothes and pack them together. 

Let’s say you’re planning on wearing outfit #1 on day #1, put them all together and pack them in either a stack or rolled up as one. 

Fro the underwear to be used within the day, to the last piece of clothing your Day #1 is composed of, roll ‘em up or stack’em into one to save up space.

3. Bring very minimal sleepwear. 

Leave your fancy patterns in your closet and just bring one or two light pieces. You won’t be sweating balls in your sleepwear anyway… right?  A pair of pajamas and a nightie would be just right.

4. Don’t forget to pack an “adventure jacket”

Whether you’d be going to the tropics or to a cold place, keep in mind that this piece of clothing is essential. Also, make sure your jacket has huge pockets (they’re going to be useful, we tell you!), is waterproof, and preferably hooded. 

It doesn’t need to be padded unless you’re planning on skiing with the penguins. This would also serve you well on the plane/car/bus ride to your destination. Snuggle up.

5. Bring just enough toiletries. 

You don’t have to pack your whole bathroom with you. You could always pick up items at a local convenience store near where you’d be staying, ALSO most hotels/hostels already have provided toiletries.

THIS INCLUDES TOWELS: if you’re very particular about this then you could choose to bring your own, but usually they’re available upon request at the front desk of most accommodations.

6. Try to look for pieces of clothing and accessories that could serve dual (and maybe even more) purposes.

Like eyeglasses that dim themselves into shades in the sunlight, a hat that could reverse itself into a small pouch, or pants with lots of pockets.

Photo by Resi Kling on Unsplash

7. If there’s one thing that you can overpack a little, it’s your underwear

So take note of the number of days you’d be spending for your vacation and multiply it by two… the answer is the number of underwear you should bring, because who wouldn’t want to feel fresh under there? For women, you can bring more panties than bras and that’s okay *wink*

8. Most importantly, make sure you have money in the local currency in hand, this is specifically important when you’re going abroad. 

Be reminded that not all airports and places would have a nearby money-changer and walking around empty-handed in an unfamiliar territory would be the last situation you’d want to be in.


Here’s to hoping your trip is as organized as your luggage by the end of this article. 

Pleasure to have helped out in your packing. Happy trip, and safe travels!