Yoga has become a beloved practice all over the globe. Although it’s rooted in ancient tradition, it has become a popular way in the hustle of the modern world for people to find relaxation, inner peace, and life-changing techniques for bettering oneself. 

Along with the daily practice of yoga, yoga retreats have gained traction among people looking to get away and refresh their mental state. Retreats usually range anywhere from 2 nights to 2 months, and they give people the opportunity to escape the anxieties of their everyday lives and grow in their individual practices.

The art of yoga has always been intended to be fully accessible to any person who desires to practice. However, the modernized version of yoga sometimes becomes far too expensive for everyone to enjoy, and yoga retreats can be too pricey to even consider without breaking the bank.

Because we believe in the life-changing benefits you can receive from yoga, we wanted to find the most affordable and best-rated retreats you can escape to around the world. Here are the 10 best, most affordable yoga retreats we found:

3 Days of Meditation and Yoga in New York State- Starting from $175 

This yoga retreat is located in the Catskill Mountains about 100 miles outside of the city at a retreat center called the Sivananda Yoga Ranch. It is rated as one of the most popular yoga retreats in the United States. Over the three days, you’ll practice Hatha, Sivananda, and Karma yoga, which are open to all levels.

Sivananda Yoga is a type of yoga practice that is centered around five basic principles which are all used as a foundation for this retreat: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking.

The retreat consists of three yoga classes per day, with morning and evening meditation time. You’ll be given two vegetarian meals a day, which you can enjoy in the beautiful backyard garden. 

When you register you will choose from a shared room, a double room, a private room, or a “bring your own tent” option. The Sivananda Yoga Ranch offers these retreats year-round, so you can come and enjoy the peace of yoga any time. 

Photo by Madison Lavern on Unsplash

7 days of Yoga in Valencia, Spain– Starting from $777 

This beautiful coastal yoga retreat is located just south of Valencia in the breathtaking country of Spain. You’ll enjoy quaint accommodations that are situated in the small town of Cullera, and you’ll be able to walk to the beach in under two minutes. You can purchase either a shared room, a private room, or a double private room.

During the retreat, you’ll have three daily practice of yoga, ranging from Hatha, Nidra, and Yin Yang. You’ll also be provided with three delicious vegetarian meals throughout the day. 

There is “free time” allotted each day to give you time for exploring and sunbathing. The retreat house comes with available bikes and the option for booking a deep tissue massage. Taking a taxi into the city is an inexpensive way to see some of the beloved sites of coastal Spain.

The organizers of the retreat believe in yoga as a practice that should be integrated into your everyday life, not just on a week-long retreat. They’ll give you meditations, advice, and practices that you can take home with you and enjoy after the retreat is over.

12 days of Yoga and Hiking in Thailand– Starting from $958

This retreat has everything you could ever desire in a wellness retreat. You’ll experience daily yoga, fitness classes, meditations, hiking excursions, bike rides, and delicious “detox” food options.

The retreat center is located deep in the heart of Thai rice fields, about 30 miles from a main city. You’ll feel relaxed and tucked away in the jungle, which will provide you with the escape you’ve been craving.

While you’re on this retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize some of your schedule. There are certain things that are locked in each day, such as yoga, meals, and free time. But you’ll have the freedom to choose what types of fitness classes you want or which excursions sound most appealing.

You can choose from a private or private double room for the 11-nights stay in the Kwaing Sai Hotel. The retreat price includes accommodations, three meals a day, unlimited coffee and tea, hiking excursions throughout the week, three Thai massages, daily yoga and fitness classes, and much, much more. This retreat is worth every penny, and you’ll come home refreshed, inspired, and healthier than ever.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

6 days of Rejuvenating Yoga in Costa Rica– Starting from $795

This relaxing yoga retreat is located in the tropical city of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. You’ll enjoy a week at El Sabanero Lodge, an oasis in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. The lodge is a stunning place to vacation and one of the top-rated for yoga retreats.

The retreat offers four different types of yoga to practice that are available to all levels: Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Kundalini. You’ll enjoy yoga classes, meditations, three delicious meals a day, hikes through the jungle, nearby beaches, and a relaxing outdoor swimming pool. 

You can purchase either a private room, a shared room, or a private double room. The price includes airport pickup as well, which will ease any fears about traveling internationally. This retreat is highly rated and a favorite among travelers. 

2 Nights of Yoga and Pilates in England– Starting from $445

This yoga retreat might be the coziest one we’ve found. Most people think of the tropical coast of Bali when they think of a yoga retreat, but this one is tucked away in the hills of Oxfordshire, England during the chilly winter months. You’ll stay at Manor Farm, a picturesque lodge with romantic, farmhouse decor.

This retreat is not only unique in its aesthetic and location, but it’s unique in its structure as well. 

You’ll participate in two sessions of yoga and pilates and enjoy three home-cooked meals each day, but you’ll also get to participate in some informative workshops throughout your stay as well. These workshops are centered around living a healthy lifestyle and include topics such as cooking healthy food, wellness, and living with vitality.

You can choose from a single room, shared twin room, or shared triple room. The price includes accommodations, meals, unlimited tea and fruit throughout the day, classes, workshops, and an hour-long massage from the in-house massage therapist. The home is located near some local pubs, tea rooms, and other adorable rural spots.

13 days of Yoga in Greece-Starting from $663

This retreat is located in the forest of Mount Olympus. You can practice Hatha and Tantra yoga while on this retreat, and you’re welcome regardless of what level you’ve reached in your practice. Unlike some of the other retreats we’ve mentioned, this one is hosted on a specific date: March 24th-April 5th, 2020. 

This retreat is known as a “Navaratri” style yoga retreat. Navaratri is a foundational practice in Hinduism, and it celebrates the cycles that occur throughout the year. This retreat focuses on helping people connect with their energies throughout their yoga practices.

You’ll practice yoga daily, as well as participate in meditation and nature walks along the beautiful Grecian forest. The food that is included is freshly made, vegetarian, and absolutely delicious. You can choose from a dorm room or a single private room, both options including a gorgeous view of the pristine ocean water.

4 days of Relaxing Yoga in the Virginia Mountains– Starting from $650

This retreat is located in Virginia at the Casa Om Potomac Retreat Center, a stunning home located on 63 acres of mountainous countryside. This yoga retreat is focused on power and recovery, and the classes you’ll experience will reflect just that.

You’ll learn how to find inner strength while building up power in your body, and you’ll learn practices for recovery and relaxation. The price also includes two workshops, one of which is focused on inversions.

You’ll get to enjoy homemade, vegetarian brunch and dinner each day. The chefs at Casa Om are known for making deliciously clean food that is still packed with protein. You can choose from a females-only dorm room, double private room, or single private room. Each room is filled with windows that overlook the crisp mountain trees.

You can also choose to spend some extra money on a massage from the in-house massage therapist. If you want to spend your free time outdoors, you can enjoy a hike or reading a book on the back porch. At night you can spend time around the fire with the other guests. 

As you can see, you don’t have to drain your savings account to experience a rejuvenating, transformative yoga retreat. In fact, you can find an affordable retreat in any corner of the world. If you’re ready to take a vacation that helps you feel refreshed and learn more about yourself in a new environment, spend some time researching these yoga retreats. You never know, a relaxing getaway could be just what you need.

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