As Christmas draws closer, the time left for shopping for decorations, gifts, and even the ingredients for the meals we’ll be preparing is getting shorter. And what inevitably happens is that we rush out to the stores with no plan, and end up getting stressed out when we don’t find everything we need in time! 

We’ve jotted down some easy ways to keep yourself calm, cool, and collected while battling the stresses of shopping this holiday season:

First, back to the basics: make a list!

This is textbook basic, but sometimes it’s easy to forget. Making a list of what you’ll buy before leaving the house will save you a lot of time and money, and will keep you far away from stress.

If you’re shopping for gifts, write down names and the gift you want for each person next to their name. If it’s for that food you’ll bring in your next potluck, list out EACH of the ingredients. You can also check if you already have some of the ingredients in your kitchen before you head out! That way, you’ll save a couple of bucks and will be able to use it for recipes in the future.

Keeping track of what you need and want to buy will help you manage time, money and keep your stress at bay!

Always look up the items in advance

Since almost everything can be found online these days, and since sometimes it’s hard to locate a specific product in stores, we recommend that you try looking it up online first. That way, you can plan out your day and get a good grip on your budget.

Embrace being an early bird

This might be a bit challenging for some but I guarantee you, it will pay off. Since it will require you to wake up early and head to the store as early as possible. Being early at the shop will give you the privilege to shop peacefully: the number of customers is low, the shelves are freshly stocked (complete and arranged neatly!) and there’s a high chance that the store attendants are still in a good mood to help you with your shopping needs *wink*

Call a friend!

Shopping never has to be done alone! Shopping with a friend can be fun and therapeutic, and a huge stress relief.

Asking a friend to tag along while you brave the packed shopping malls will lessen your stress because, aside from the bonding, you’ll be able to ask for their opinion or suggestions regarding what to buy and where to buy it.

Stay in your pjs and shop online

I know, I know, this seems like cheating sometimes but what can we do when all else fails? If in case you really don’t have the time to go out and shop, just grab your phone or laptop and start adding items to the shopping cart! However, we still have to be careful with what we buy and to which online store or merchant we buy! Because we’ll never know if it’s a quality product unless we actually see it when it arrives at our doorstep. Sometimes, user comments are not so reliable these days so it’s better if you buy to legit and trusted online stores or merchants. Buying to trusted sources will lessen online shopping stress as well.

Lastly, do it earlier!

One of the best ways to avoid the stress of holiday shopping is by doing it in advance. I am not saying that you go shop in September, I am just saying that if you have time at least after school or work, grab the opportunity to start working on that shopping list. Try checking your list and see what are the stuff you can buy in advance. Once you’re able to cross out some of the items in your list, you’ll be able to breathe easier as Christmas Day comes.

These are just some of the things you can do to minimize the stress in holiday shopping. How about you, what do you do to minimize your stress during holiday shopping? Let us know through the comments section below!

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