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5 Tips for Avoiding the Extra Holiday Weight Gain

Countless feasts and parties have already begun in celebration of the holiday season. Good for all of us, because we still have time (yes, we do!) to avoid that extra holiday weight gain without depriving ourselves of yummy dishes.

Here are five tips to avoid those additional pounds so that we remove “go on a diet” from our New Year’s resolutions.

Eat and Drink Moderately

Partying does not mean you need to always go binge-eating and binge-drinking. You can still enjoy the party while eating and drinking moderately. Pacing is key!

Here’s a tip: scan the table for the foods you would like to eat and get at least a small portion of each.

Once you’ve finished your plate, go mingle and have a drink with your friends. It takes at least 20 minutes for our brains to process if we are already full or not.

If you feel like you’re still hungry after that time, you can go back and get a small portion of what you haven’t tried earlier and repeat.

As for the drinking part, make sure you drink water in between so you won’t get dehydrated and get a nasty hangover in the morning.

Drinking water during the night can help you flush out some of the alcohol in your body, which is always good for moderation!

Do Not Starve Yourself

This one is super important. If you feel hungry, go eat a snack! Yes, you read that right.

If you get hungry in the middle of the day or before heading to that party, grab a fruit or yogurt to at least shave of the cravings. Make sure to stay away from sugary temptations like cakes and cookies!

They’ll make you full for a short time, but it will make you tired and hungry again after a few hours.

Let’s be real, a cookie or a slice of cake is fine, just make sure you don’t finish the whole box!

Get Moving

The holiday is not an excuse to skip the gym or that quick morning jog! We all want to burn that food we ate at the office party or family reunion somehow.

If you don’t feel like going out and just feel like staying at home the whole day to maximize your well-deserved time off, why not check the internet for some stretching or exercise videos you can do at home? That way, there will be no excuses for you to squeeze in at least 10-15 minutes of workout.

It will be up to you if you’ll go easy or go hard on your body. Working out will also help you feel better and lighter throughout the day.

Catch Some Z’ss

Even though there are a lot of parties and eating out, make sure you still squeeze in some quality 7-8 hours of sleep per night! Lack of sleep can cause you to do things to compensate for your tired body.

When you wake up and feel tired, you’ll think of grabbing a latte on your way to the office, or skipping the gym after the office because you’re too tired to do anything else.

You’re also most likely to be less productive and more stressed than your well-slept self. With that being said, you’re most likely to unwind through eating and probably drinking all-night-long and then you’ll get lack of sleep again – like a vicious cycle.

Don’t make the holidays an excuse to skip out on sleep!

Don’t Wait on the New Year for the New YOU

Most of us are into the term, “New Year, New Me!” Getting fit and healthy doesn’t just start once the new year arrives. It all starts with you, it starts when you truly want to start.

You can even start it this holiday season! It might be hard for some, but it definitely takes motivation to stay on track of your goals. We’re not saying go on a strict diet, all we are saying is that it is important to be disciplined in order to see the changes you hope for!

Did we miss any tips on how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section below!

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