Ever woke up craving a plate of fruits but the thought of it makes you instantly full so you wish for its juice form instead? That’s probably the main insight of the people who created high-pressure hydraulic press juicers – which has the power to extract clean and clear juices (minus the fibrous pulps) while still keeping the nutrients in fruits and vegetables intact. 

It’s so efficient that if we follow USDA’s recommendation of five to nine servings of fruits and veggies each day, we can get all of our servings in just one bottle of cold-pressed juice. Every bottle is packed with one to four pounds of pure produce!

Aside from daily vitamins and essential nutrients provided by freshly picked fruits and greens, what else can we get from cold-pressed juices? Here are 5 advantages of the wonder drink. 

It promotes overall wellbeing

We all know that the nutrients and good enzymes from fruits and vegetables help strengthen our immune system. With every bottle of cold-pressed juice, you lower your risk of illnesses as it provides ample doses of potassium (for healthy blood pressure), dietary fiber (reduces blood cholesterol levels), folic acid (helps form red blood cells), vitamin A (for eye and skin health), and vitamin C (for body repair).

It’s more delicious!

It’s not that hard to prove how cold-pressed juice tastes better than your typical juice because, believe it or not, there’s actually a science behind it! Cold-pressed juices are processed without heat and air to retain 100% of the essential goodness from fruits and vegetables, as well as their freshness and sweetness. 

Using high-pressure hydraulic press juicers, the juice extracted from the fresh produce is easier to take in and digest. It certainly helps if your juice brand of choice has its own fun concoctions of delicious ingredients for better health benefits and better taste, of course! You’ll crave these delicious coolers and enjoy the health benefits they give you every day!    

It works wonders for your digestive system

We’ve all been grinding solids and sludge our entire lives, so a clean and nutritious juice is definitely a welcome change when our digestive system says, “gimme a break!”

Without the added effort of digesting and breaking down whole fruits and vegetables, cold-pressed juice allows our body to absorb nutrients more quickly. This is why juicing is also recommended for cancer patients as it is a good option for getting valuable nutrients into the body.

It increases your energy

We’ve all been told since we were kids that we should eat our fruits and vegetables to improve our energy levels. But this doesn’t have to be our mindset as adults, especially since cold-pressed juices offer the smoothest and most efficient way to get 100% of all the benefits for improved energy throughout the day. 

With our bodies’ pH levels enhanced by juice, it makes cold-pressed juices the perfect beverage before and after workouts. And it’s not the same way energy drinks can kick our adrenaline on overdrive! 

When we juice dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, or celery, we get a good dose of Vitamin B to help optimize our metabolism and produce energy at a faster rate! 

It slows down aging

Cold-pressed juice is not only beneficial for your inner health. It also does wonders for the way we feel on the outside, as it can make your skin glow naturally and help you get a jumpstart to your health goals. 

Fruits and vegetables are warriors in anti-aging as they prevent wrinkles while fighting off cancer cells and free radicals that damage your skin and immune system. Cold-pressed juices also make sure you get 100% of all the nutrients you need from produce for better weight management and good skincare.  

When looking for the perfect cold-pressed juice that can give you all of these health benefits, there’s no need for you to wear your Indiana Jones hat and search for the Holy Grail. Nowadays, there’s probably a juice bar near you. And if there isn’t, juicing companies are now offering delivery services and in-store pickups for convenience. 

One trusted brand is Pressed Juicery which has over 75 stores across the U.S. that offer local delivery and shipping services to ensure that you get your daily fill of fruits and vegetables without a hitch. 

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