With only a few more days ‘til we bid farewell to 2019, a lot of us are surely starting to plan out our New Year’s resolutions.

And one of the most popular promises people try to keep is to get fit! And we all know it can be difficult to find the motivation to exercise, especially when exercising hurts your joints or muscles, or if you’ve had a recent injury.

So why don’t we start with these simple low-impact workouts that will certainly help make us feel better and keep us motivated, as well as help us avoid pain or injury!


Yes, you read that right! Walking alone may not help you achieve your “body goals” faster than jogging or other cardio workouts, but brisk walking, along with a couple of leg weights or even walking on an incline, will definitely make your body work harder.

Also, unlike jogging, walking can spare you from muscle or skeletal injuries that you might get in the long run. So if you want to get into fitness, you might want to start warming up and conditioning your body with brisk walks around the city or at nearby parks.


Another low-impact workout you can do is cycling. Either you do it at the gym alone or with a group or going to and from different places, this is a fun and functional workout for you. Just be careful when riding your bike around the city!


If you’re into a calming and relaxing low-impact workout, you might want to try yoga.

Aside from the usual yoga in a normal-temperature room, there is also something called “hot yoga,” which is basically your normal yoga practice inside of a hot room (high-temperature room).

Aside from helping you moderate your breathing, it will definitely help you sweat a lot! On top of the relaxing effects of yoga, you will definitely feel detoxified and might have lost some water weight or calories after the session.

Just make sure to inform the instructor beforehand that it is your first time, as the heat inside the room will make you sweat a lot more and makes breathing a bit more strenuous which may result in nausea or dizziness.


I know, most of us swim for fun and leisure but did you know that this is one of the best cardio workouts? For one, because it is a fun activity, you won’t easily feel the fatigue!

Another is that there are studies that swimming could help you maintain healthier lungs. This is also an ideal exercise for people who like to work out but don’t really like the feeling of sweating.


Another low-impact workout is pilates. With this, like yoga, it’s not as intense as your usual cardio. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core, toning muscles, and correcting your posture. This workout may even help you lose weight when done regularly.

There are still a lot of unmentioned workout routines you can try before or after the new year. Aside from what was stated above, you can also research workouts depending on your preference, schedule, and other factors.

Have you tried any of the ones mentioned or did we miss out that you would like to recommend to other readers? Hit us up through the comments section below!