To stay updated on all things astrology, I have a curated selection of apps, a few websites I visit, some YouTubers I like, and Instagram accounts I check daily. There are so many astrologers and energy workers that post really great content about what’s going on in the stars for free! I really appreciate them and the dedication and energy they put into sharing their readings. Whether you’re an avid astrologer or just getting into it, I want to share 5 amazing black astrologers you should be following if you want to stay informed (or laugh at some great astrology memes) while supporting 

For the purpose of this article, I’m calling them astrologers, but mystics may be a better term. Some also pull tarot cards or have other energy modalities they use. But all of them have their own unique take and ways of doing things. Most of them also have websites with all their different platforms. For this article though, I’m listing which platform I usually view them on. 

The Hoodwitch on Instagram

black astrologers

The Hoodwitch’s website is packed full of awesome information and her Instagram posts are as well. She posts energy updates and detailed descriptions of what’s going on in the stars and also does tarot posts. She also always has amazing nails and nail art, and a lot of her updates have beautiful images. 

Sunshine Tarot on Youtube

Sunshine Tarot does monthly astrology updates for each zodiac sign and pulls tarot cards. Her channel is so hilarious and entertaining. I guarantee you will enjoy it even if she’s telling you some unpleasant news. I love that she has her own style and brings a lightheartedness to her readings. If you want to have fun with astrology then check her out! 

Astrology by Mecca on Instagram 

Astrology Mecca’s account has eye-catching cosmic graphics and energy updates. She is also an author of astrology books! She has one out titled “Astrology for Happiness and Success: From Aries to Pisces, Create the Life You Want–Based on Your Astrological Sign!” She’s also created unique coloring books curated for each zodiac sign.

mizChartreuse on Instagram 

Her bio says “I guide seekers of healthy relationships to transformation with Venus.” She offers a program called The Venus Academy. If you read my article on finding and using your Venus placement, then you know I think it’s important to look at more than just our sun signs! I like that she’s using astrology to help us all create more conscious relationships. 

Virg the Astrologer on Instagram

I don’t follow or come across very many male astrologers, so this account is different in that way! He posts a lot of different things and it’s usually not information I see on other accounts. He posts some very funny astrology memes which I am all about and also has a podcast and youtube channel.

My list of astrologers and energy updates I like to check each day keeps growing because no two are the same. Even if they have similar information they’ll have different insights and different ways of delivering the message. I encourage you to check these ones out and see if you like their style! Plus, supporting black astrologers and mystic is extremely important.

TBN, delivered.

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