The holiday season is here and what comes along with it? Well, parties! Lots and lots of holiday parties.

Whether it be an office night out or friend and family get-togethers, one thing is for sure: there will almost always be booze present.

Who doesn’t love a party with loud music, awesome company, and overflowing drinks? But after a full night of partying, the hangover is usually waiting for you right around the corner.

Found yourself with a hangover? Worried about the holiday parties coming up? Read to discover the usual (and unusual) ways to prevent and cure that nasty hangover we are all scared of.

Chug, chug, chug… that water down!

The easiest and most efficient way to prevent and cure a hangover is by drinking plenty of water.

This is because dehydration is a direct effect of drinking too much alcohol. And what comes along with dehydration? Headaches, nausea, and sometimes an entire day in bed.

While enjoying the party, try to slip in a few glasses of water between drinks so you can release some of the booze on your frequent trips to the restroom.

Since you’re probably drinking out of a colored plastic cup, they won’t know if you’re drinking vodka, gin, or water. Then after at least a cup or two, you can resume chugging down all the booze in your sight – but still, proceed with caution!

Drinking water in-between alcohol can help minimize alcohol consumption, hence, lesser chances of a hangover. It’s also a plus since you will be able to remember all the fun stuff you did and the crazy things that happened around you that night!

TIP: If you’re not the plain-water-drinking type, I suggest you add some taste to it like half a lemon or a lime, or whichever citrus fruit you prefer. Whatever your choice of water taste may be, be sure you have one ready by your bedside, and drink it right away when you wake up in the morning!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Enjoy your after-party soda

In case you weren’t able to prep yourself with water the night before, check your fridge and pray you’ve stocked up on lemon-lime soda (Sprite, 7-Up and more included)!

A study shows that this carbonated drink, or even a seltzer (soda water), can boost the production of an enzyme that battles an awful hangover. 

Now, who said sodas don’t do you any good? But don’t make it an excuse to drink soda every day!

Take that orange vitamin B tablet 

You might not (or might be) familiar with this one, since there are is no scientific proof to it. While there is no study that confirms it’s effectiveness, the thing that might make this tablet effective in preventing (or even curing) a hangover is it helps restore the depleted vitamins after drinking.

Drinking alcohol slows or sometimes fully prevents our bodies from absorbing the vitamins we need. One glass of water with vitamin B before or after a night of partying can help prevent that nasty hangover the next morning.

But whether you’re a high tolerance drinker that goes all out, or an occasional enjoyer of alcohol in social settings, you still have to know your limits.

Make sure you don’t push past your boundaries with drinking. If you feel like you’re reaching your limit, take it slow and start drinking in pace – if you really want to continue drinking.

It’s always okay to say no if you feel like you can’t take another drink anymore. It’s good to have a good time but remember, it always pays to be the wise drinker 🙂

Have you tried any of the three ideas listed above? Do you have any recommendations other than the ones stated? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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