Looking to try some plant based breakfasts? Are you trying to add some diversity to your avocado toast and scrambled eggs? Whether you believe in your 3 meals a day or practice intermittent fasting, there will always be a meal to “break” your “fast.” Cooking at home has been on an all time high, so why not take this time to experiment with some new breakfast recipes? What’s great about this list is that each meal is full of whole grains, protein, fiber, AND antioxidants which can boost your immune system and promote healing in your body. 

Eating more plant based meals have been extremely beneficial for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, renal disease, weight loss, increased energy, and more! Plant based eating is also a lot less taxing on the environment and less prone to food-borne illness. There are plenty more reasons to eat more plant based but my number one reason is that it is so fun to try delicious recipes with different ingredients!

Whether you eat a fully plant-based diet, are trying to reduce the amount of meat you eat, or are just curious to try new recipes, I’ve compiled some of my favorite breakfasts for you. Additionally, these aren’t just the plain old oatmeal bowl or smoothie. While those are great breakfast options, I think a little exploration is worth experiencing once in a while. I included a good mix of savory and sweet breakfasts so everyone in your kitchen is satisfied. Happy cooking!

Simple Southwest Tofu Scramble by The Minimalist Baker

vegan breakfast tofu scramble

8-Ingredient Vegan Breakfast Potato Hash by Sweet Simple Vegan 

vegan breakfast potato hash

Warm Chia Pudding by Okonomi Kitchen

vegan chia pudding

Vegan Breakfast Taquitos by Hot For Food

In The Buff Smoothie Bowl by Oh She Glows

Easy Vegan Breakfast Casserole from From My Bowl

vegan breakfast casserole

Chocolate Chip Pancakes by Cherie Tu

Vegan Maple Breakfast Sausage by Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Healthy Vegan Crepes with Chocolate Avocado Mousse by Alexa Fueled Naturally

Israeli Tahini Toast by EdgyVeg

Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies by A Couple Cooks


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