Holiday shopping is here again, and it doesn’t have to be the dreadful process that we sometimes make it out to be! After all, the best part about giving gifts is the thoughtfulness behind each gift you choose, and the reactions you get to witness once your loved one receives their gift.

But what about your budget? What about the financial stress of the holiday season? This list will give you some ideas for giving gifts to that special someone, without breaking the bank.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser-$14

This Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser is the perfect gift for anyone. Not only does it produce calming, therapeutic aromas with different oils that you decide to diffuse, but it is also safer than lighting a candle in your home!

If you want to go above and beyond this diffuser gift, try purchasing a couple of essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or a calming blend.

Amethyst Air Plant-$16

These are adorable AND have added benefits. For one, air plants are natural air purifiers and extremely easy to care for seeing as they are stand alone plants.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that naturally relieves stress, anxiety, and opens up your intuition. Together, these two elements make for a cute and thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Zodiak Flag Tapestry-$16

Any astrology lovers in your life? These awesome Zodiak Flag Tapestries make for cute personalized gifts. They are about 20″ by 16″, so they are versatile in where they can be placed!

For any of your lovers of astrology, these gifts will make them feel appreciated and known, and it will give them something cute to hang in their bedroom or bathroom.

Colorful Glass Straws-$18

Let’s face it: plastic is out. If you have someone in your life who is passionate about helping the environment, these glass straws by Bando will make for the perfect thoughtful gift.

The pack of four comes with one gold, one silver, one bronze, and one pink glass straw. If you want to add a little something extra, try one of Bando’s adorable traveling tumblers.

Huggable Heating/Cooling Pad-$22

There’s nothing worse than getting cramps during “that time of the month,” especially if it falls around the holidays. But this precious Huggable Heating Pad will make any gal smile.

State Scented Candles-$23

These candles are a great personalized gift. Do you have a friend who just moved away from home? Or maybe you have a cousin who’s obsessed with their hometown?

These candles are made with a unique scent based on each state in the US. Because you can choose any state, these candles are the perfect thoughtful holiday gift that won’t leave you bankrupt!

Full Prism Oracle Deck-$45

This Oracle Deck is great for your spiritual gal pals out there. The colors are fun, and the messages behind each card are encouraging and great for beginning readers or more experienced participants!

Did you find what you were looking for? If you have any ideas of awesome (but affordable), thoughtful holiday gifts, leave them below in our comments section!

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