It’s 2019, and we are still slowly trudging our way through the harmful lack of diversity that permeates our society.

In some ways, we are taking enormous strides in areas that were once entirely exclusive of diversity, such as film, television, and even politics. We are seeing a slow but powerful shift into inclusivity that was once just a faint thought. But now we see people of all races, genders, and abilities representing important facets of our culture. 

What about the fashion industry, though? Massive companies such as Target and H&M have decided to trudge through the mud and include more diverse clothing options in their stores. But after Nike’s recent attempt at incorporating a plus-sized mannequin sparked so much controversy, it feels like the battle is far from being over.

Because we know the fight for inclusivity is so important, we wanted to promote the companies that are working hard to represent people of all colors, sizes, and shapes. Here is a list of 10 inclusive clothing brands worth noticing this summer:

1. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a recreational clothing brand started by Ty Haney, a Colorado native and business enthusiast, in 2013. Haney always loved playing sports and being active, but she never understood why those activities had to be intense and competitive. 

She wanted exercise to be approachable to anyone in any walk of life, so she created a clothing brand that reflects inclusivity to every type of person. Outdoor Voices is a brand for anyone who wants to have fun moving their body and feel like themselves doing it.

You’ll catch their vibe as soon as you click on their Instagram page. It features people running, dancing, biking, and playing sports while feeling good in what they’re wearing. 
Some of our favorite influencers like Clementine Desseaux and Rachel Lee have been vocal about how much they support this brand and vision. Outdoor Voices also loves featuring senior models, people in their 60s, 70s, or 80s.

2. Universal Standard

Universal Standard was started by two friends, Polina and Alex, who were discouraged by the standards put on women in the clothing industry. They were confused by the limits of sizing options for women, especially if most women in the United States are above a size 14.

They wanted to change the standard to something approachable and universal, something entirely inclusive to every single person. In 2019, they became the “world’s most inclusive brand” when they extended their sizes to include anyone from 00-40.  
The company’s main tagline “All of us. As we are” is a perfect embodiment of the vision they choose to live out. Included in their brand mission are ideas such as “revolutionary inclusivity, customer-centric products, and fit liberty.”

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

3. Bruna Malucelli Swimwear

If there’s one article of clothing that has the power to make us lose our confidence more than anything else, it’s the bikini. We spend all summer seeing advertisements for the “perfect bikini body,” but what if there’s no such thing?

Bruna Malucelli certainly doesn’t believe in just one type of bikini body. A Brazilian designer and lover of inclusive fashion, Malucelli makes swimwear that “champions and celebrates all types of women and bodies.”

Bruna Malucelli was first noticed after her one-piece personalized swimsuit designs became popular in 2018. Her brand has now exponentially grown as an international favorite for adorable, high-quality bikinis that everyone can feel confident in.

4. Malia Mills

Malia Mills has been celebrating diversity for almost three decades. With their trademark mantra, “Love Thy Differences,” this swimsuit and lingerie brand has embraced beauty in every single form. 

According to Vogue Magazine, “Malia Mills is nothing short of a modern day savior. When she began her swimsuit company, she started a veritable body image revolution.”

You can find bra cup sizes ranging from A to F, and swimsuit sizes ranging from 1 to 22. Mills’ designs are clean and minimal, and they’re carefully made to accentuate every body type.

All of the products by Malia Mills are made with the highest quality materials, which is why this brand is one of the pricier ones on our list. If it’s within your budget, we highly recommend one of her swimsuits.

5. Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments is transfiguring the clothing industry by being a company for “gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability.”

Their clothing is entirely customizable because they believe in making clothes that will never exclude anyone. As a “nonbinary queer and disabled FilipinX”, Sky Cubacub has dreamt of accessible clothing for intersectional individuals for years. 

Rebirth recognizes that people of different gender and abilities have needs that make buying clothes in most stores almost impossible. Because of this, Rebirth Garments has embraced “Radical Visibility,” which is a style movement that promotes freedom of expression and confidence among people of different abilities and identities.

Their clothes are not only expressive, colorful, and custom-made, but they are adaptive as well. Adaptive clothing is a term that refers to articles of clothing that are made to be accessible for people of different abilities. Shirts that are made with no tags for sensory-sensitive individuals, pants with longer inseams for people in a wheelchair, or shoes that zip all the way around for easy access.

6. Knixwear

Knixwear is a clothing company that not only celebrates diversity in all of their campaigns and designs, but also sees immense value in creating products that help make life easier for women.

Their mission includes the desire to help “women live totally, unapologetically free.” That is why their clothing is designed to help us be comfortable and feel confident at the same time. They know that in order to feel sexy, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort.

Knixwear makes bras, underwear, swimsuits, and maternity clothing. Their new swimwear line has featured popular models and influencers in the body positivity movement like Tabria Majors and Sarah Landry.

Knix leads the industry in adorable, comfortable bras completely free of underwire, as well as underwear that fits all types of bodies and comes in options that are “leakproof.”

Their leakproof line is designed for light period flow, heavier period flow to be used as a backup, or for workout classes that make you sweat. 

7. Aerie

Aerie is the beloved sister-brand of American Eagle Outfitters that sells intimates, swimwear, loungewear, and exercise apparel. The company has been around for a while, but they just recently changed their mission statement in the last couple of years to be more inclusive of all bodies.

They now create products that represent diversity, loving our own skin, and embracing natural beauty. Their Instagram account and online store reflect the body inclusivity that the brand was missing before, and customers now have access to products that make them feel good at the beach, at the gym, and in their own home. 

Another perk of the brand is that it is largely affordable. Some of their swimsuits are under $50, and it’s not uncommon to find a sale at the beginning of every season.

8. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a fitness clothing brand that not only stands for inclusivity of all body types, which is reflected in their website and social media marketing, but that also sees immense importance in environmentally ethical sourcing.

As strange as it may seem, Girlfriend constructs their tops, bras, and pants from recycled water bottles. They feel that transparency in their brand is crucial, and they aim to care for the people that their clothes, the people that wear their clothes, and the environment around us.

You’ll find their story of how they came to be on their website, as well as the missions they strive to uphold in their company. They vow to exclude no one, and they believe that “health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes, and that representation matters.”

9. Henning

Henning may be the most enticing mystery on the horizon. Not set to be released until Fall 2019, Henning is Lauren Chann’s dream coming to fruition. Chann is the former editor at Glamour Magazine, and she believes in fashion being accessible to every type of person.

Henning will be open in NYC at the end of this year, and they will specialize in fashion-forward clothing that begins at a size 12. Their website is rather elusive and will remain so until their opening in the Fall, but we are already obsessed and ready for the launch. 

10. Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press is a colorful, whimsical dream of a fashion brand. As soon as you land on their Instagram page, you’re exposed to their embrace of love for sizes, colors, and shapes.

Their clothes embody the attitude of brands such as ModCloth and Bando, but Big Bud Press goes one step further with clothes that come in sizes from XXS to 5XL. They are also transparent about ethically manufacturing all of their clothes and keeping their sourcing local to the Los Angeles area.


These 10 clothing brands are worth noticing because they are not only embracing diversity in the world of style and fashion, but they are taking enormous strides in revolutionizing an industry that is accustomed to exclusion. These companies value representation of all types of people, and their missions are worth supporting.

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