Shopping black-owned businesses is an effective way of continually showing your support. Here’s our list of black-owned sex stores, sex toy shops, and lingerie brands you can explore.

Savage X Fenty

black-owned sex store

Savage X Fenty is Rihanna’s famous lingerie brand, and it’s everything you’d expect from such a queen. The clothes are gorgeous and look good on every body type.You’ll find everything you could dream of for lingerie, including corsets, onesies, teddies, and garters. You’ll also find plenty of accessories and toys, like whips, cuffs, blindfolds, and body jewels. Everything you’ll find in the shop is affordable, with lingerie only costing between $15-$40.



Lylyth is an erotica store that specializes in sex toys, kink, and lingerie. The store is named after the goddess Lileth, who “according to ancient folklore was the first woman, before Eve, to exist but she was more intelligent, rebellious, and had a better character than man, so she was punished and censured.” I certainly can’t think of a better name for a badass, liberating sex shop.

Their lingerie sets run between $40-$60, and their sex toys are anywhere between $30-$150.


Feel More 510

Feel More 510 is a black-owned sex shop based out of Oakland, California. They have pretty much every sex toy available that you can think of, along with condoms, lubricants, and massage oils. You can find a smaller selection of lingerie, primarily things like pasties, stockings, and garters. They also have a book portion of their site, where they sell books about relationships, sex education, kink, and romance.

Their prices for toys are about average, ranging from $20-$130 with the more expensive toys being bluetooth-centered.


Organic Loven

Organic Loven prides themselves on blending sex toys and wellness into one! They sell sex toys, organic lubricants and washes, organic and vegan condoms, and a bunch of interesting wellness resources! They also sell a couple of different kits, like the B-Vibe Massage & Education Set or the Je Joue Couples Collection.

Organic Loven is definitely one of the most unique shops I’ve seen in a while as far as what they offer. You can even sign up for a monthly subscription box, which are super cute and come with different toys, books, and sexual health products.


Over Kink

black-owned sex toy shops


Over Kink probably has one of the largest selections of toys on our list of black-owned sex shops today. Most of the other shops on our list sell a variety of mixed items like toys, lingerie, and book resources, but Over Kink specializes almost solely on sex toys for solo, partner, and group play.

Over Kink sells products from many different vendors, both small businesses and larger companies. They also have an active education blog and affiliate program.


Hart’s Desires

Hart’s Desires is a sex store and lingerie shop founded by husband and wife duo, Tony and Shani Hart. They wanted to create a place for safe, sensual exploration at affordable prices. Their lingerie is very inexpensive, ranging in price from $10-$40. Their toys are average price, and they have a special section on their site for toys and products $25 and under.



Get the Butters

black-owned sex store

Get the Butters isn’t a sex store, but they make amazing massage oils and lubricants so they deserved a spot on our list. All of their products are vegan and organic. They sell a variety of lubricants, like the palm grease lube, aloe and Shea butter, or the cocoa butter lube. These lubes are condom safe because they are not oil-based. Get the Butters also sells massage oils made from sunflower and grapeseed oil.

Their products are very affordable, with the lubes costing $13 for 8 oz and the massage oils costing $6 for a 4 oz bottle. You can also sign up for their monthly lube subscription box so you don’t have to worry about running out.


Kelly’s Kloset

Kelly’s Kloset is a lingerie company specializing in empowering plus-sized bodies. They have my favorite lingerie on our list, at extremely affordable prices for the quality of the product. Their sets range from $35-$55, and you can find pieces in all colors from black to pink to lime green. You can also choose from onesies, baby doll tops, robes, and costumes. Kelly’s Kloset sells a few options for swimwear and bath & body items also.


House of Plume

House of Plume is a super chic, feminine black-owned sex store. Their motto is “To Plume is to feel a great sense of self-satisfaction. We believe the pursuit of pleasure is the beauty of being alive.” They are unique in that they specialize in sex toy storage, providing cute bags and boxes for your toys and anything else. They also offer a masterclass titled, “7 Day Pleasure Pivot” for only $29.99.


Plz Be Careful

black-owned sex store

Plz Be Careful may have some of the most unique products on our list. They make cuffs, chains, harnesses, and leashes made from beautiful materials like citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, and gold. Because of the high-quality materials used, their products are also more expensive than many of the other shops on our list.


Have you shopped any of these black-owned sex stores on our list? Do you have any favorites that you didn’t see on the list? Drop us a comment below!




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