In a perfect world, we would all set a New Year’s resolution to totally abstain from using our phones before bed, right? We would peacefully make a cup of hot tea, put our phone in the other room an hour before bed, and climb under the covers with a book and candlelight.

But that might just be a little too tough of a reality for some of us right now. We are busy with work, friends, school, and trying to find time to be better than normal. So what if we started with a smaller goal? One of the harms of scrolling on our phones before bed is the endless comparison of social media, anyway.

So how about starting with a goal of trying not to use Instagram before we fall asleep? Social media, especially Instagram, can start to weigh on us if we are constantly scrolling and making comparisons to what we see on people’s grids. Instead, we can focus on clearing our mind, learning something new, and reflecting on the day as a part of our night time routine. All why being able to stay on our phones!


The Mindful App is awesome. As a part of Mindful Magazine, this app focuses on easy-to-use meditation videos. You can sign up for a two-week long course, or you can just choose one video at a time. Either way, you’ll find yourself falling asleep easy after using this app.


Are you planning for that summer trip to Italy? Still dreaming of spending a semester abroad in Spain? Duolingo is an app that actually makes learning a language an enjoyable experience. Each level is short and simple to play, so it’s a great way to learn a new language before bed, instead of comparing yourself to everyone on Instagram!

Daily Page

The Daily Page is an amazing, easy-to-use journaling app. If you love journaling and reflecting on your day, but still love the comfort of your phone before bed, this is the perfect app for you to try! You can free write about whatever is on your mind, or you can choose one of their daily prompts to follow.

Home Styler

This app is fun for every person, even if you have zero design experience. You can choose a room on your phone and design it to your wildest dreams, however you’d like!

It’s a great way to work out some creativity before you fall asleep, and it will give you much better dreams than social media ever could!


Most people know about TED, but we sometimes forget about checking in on their newest videos. With new things to watch every day, this is a great app to catch a quick video before falling asleep. And because all of their videos are informative, you’ll learn something interesting before falling asleep.


Similar to the Mindful App, Headspace is all about meditation and improving your overall mindset. Headspace is one of the more popular meditation apps because of it’s simple interface, adorable graphics, and interactive portals. This is one of the few apps in this list that does require a paid subscription, but you can sign up for the free 2-week trial.


Bustle is a hub for exciting articles geared toward women that answer all the questions you have about life. It covers travel, beauty, relationships, horoscopes, style, pop culture, and tons more. Giving a few articles a glance before bed is a great way to stay informed as you tuck yourself in.


Flipboard is where it’s at. If you’re someone who loves staying up to date on the news, this might be an app you want to check out. The coolest feature of Flipboard? The personally curated list of stories they give you based on your interests!


Goodreads is basically your personalized library, on your phone. It allows you to browse thousands of books, save books you’re interested in reading later, and read reviews on books you’re interested in! This is the perfect baby step for putting that phone down before bed and picking up a book. If that sounds too difficult right now, Goodreads is a helpful alternative.


Okay, hear us out. Pinterest is still social media…so how is it any better than Instagram? Pinterest acts as a great alternative if you’re having trouble ditching Instagram and still want something to mindlessly scroll through before bed! Pinterest can still be a huge distraction in our lives, but the reality is that there is less direct comparison between you and your friends’ lives on Pinterest. This will help your mental health in the long run.


Any other ideas of helpful apps to use before bed? Tell us in the comments section below!